"I'm not Gouken..." Oni General Discussion Thread



Yeah man, it’s always been like that. That’s why I handled the so called ‘discussion’ the way I did. The hypocrisy is that most of those people (not all) in there play a top tier. They’ll play other non top tier characters and complain about them, but they don’t have the balls to stick with them. Yet Oni players (who only play Oni with no S tier on the side) should nod and smile regardless of what Capcom does to him. The shitty playerbase and their misconceptions about the character probably played a role in why Oni was nerfed.


I actually took a peak into the ae tier list discussion you guys had a while back. You pretty much mirrored my opinion and handled it how I wouldve back then. Gj holding it down, but despite all that those guys still thought oni was fine and didnt need buffs. I especially thought eternal would have been more sympathetic to Oni players given that his main is cody, and that cody is basically oni with worse utility, defense, and more raw damage. If oni were to be brought up to par there would be no excuse to not to buff cody.

Like how can a char with more disadvantaged matchups then even or advantaged be considered fine? i dont get it. I spoke to OMH and he pretty much agreed with the how to beat oni video(told me that “it was a little too focused on the negatives which is fine, but he has a lot of positives that shouldnt be ignored…oni is midtier but it makes it all the more glorious when you win with him”, i felt bad T_T)


Eternal hates Oni and Evil Ryu, he has stated this before. He said he wished they were removed from the game. I believe this is a big part of why he isn’t sympathetic to Oni and so hard on the character. In fact if there was a rebalance and he had to choose one character who wouldn’t be buffed I’m pretty sure it would be Oni. Eternal kind of is the head of the snake, most people in there don’t think for themselves so much as just follow whatever he says. You’ll notice almost no one speaks up against him ever, there might be one or two disagreeing comments but then they’ll just give in. (look at shinebox in the latest Oni argument)

Ah yes, Oni’s matchups. This is another common argument there, well Oni players just suck and are blaming their own lack of ability on the character. So fine, I said, I’m not a top pro or anything (just like almost everyone posting there), but Wao gave his matchup numbers for AE 2012. Would you trust those? 22 disadvantaged, 9 advantaged, 8 even matchups. Is that solid mid tier (or upper mid as Eternal used to preach)? No one buys that either…well Wao didn’t explain them in detail enough, blah blah. That’s when I really realized it was a waste, why bother making detailed arguments to deaf ears? A few others would comment (some european honda player who plays OMH and says he usually beats his oni but loses to OMH dhalsim every time), da knut who said he thought DeeJay (his main) was better than Oni (I don’t agree with that, DJ is awful) yet it was as if no one saw those posts.


That is one thing I am beginning to notice on some of the forums here. You can’t have a reasonable discussion with some people.

I believe people focus way too much on the “tier list”. Don’t get me wrong I want Oni to have some of the holes in his game removed and on par with some of the others. (I still can’t believe the health reduction)

But to quote another post I have seen “Nerf him to shit, I will still play Oni”. As for those threatening to quite cause there character may/or took hits on the rebalancing, I say let them quit. Must have never grew out of the spoiled brat tantrums they use to throw when they were toddlers.

OMH is completely right.


Somebody needs to hit up Combofiend. He’s in the Capcom franchise, maybe he’s unaware of what’s happened to Oni (Specifically Shoryuken FADC on Block, NO ONE WANTED THAT). Has he dropped Oni? I’m interested to see what HE thinks where Oni’s at now since i’m sure he had a hand in his balancing unless I’m mistaken.


Nah man combofiend is probably just a face capcom used to get the communities trust. Even if you got a response from him it’ll probably be heavily scripted/filtered cuz of who he works for. From what I remember combofriend thought Oni was fine back in AE, saying that just because its harder to win with a char doesnt make him good, and how everyone wants it easy bla bla bla.


Combofiend is just a mouthpiece. A trusted former pro gamer who says whatever Capcom tells him to say. All the ideas/changes/decisions are by Capcom Japan devs.


Don’t know if this hasn’t already been mentioned before, but i found a new tech for ONI

Backwards throw, light tatsu over opponent.
So far from what I’ve tested this works on Makoto, Bison, and Guile. Will do further testing. But this not only mixes up the opponent (makoto) but also resets the 2 seconds that someone has to hold back in order to perform a move (bison specials, guiles sonic boom).

Edit: Also works on Dudley, Juri, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Viper, Cody, Hakan, Poison, El Fuerte, Rose, and Yang.


See Edit ^


anyone have a list of oki safejumps/setups/setplay/baits etc. i’m like 3 months in with Oni as a secondary just freestyling oki. I haven’t had any luck with finding any kind of comprehensive or basic list…I could, go watch wao and spend days retesting his setups on the whole cast but i’m lazy.


Hey all!

Just recently I’ve been having massive troubles against a Ken player… it seems I can’t keep him out at all… just consistent pressure…

This has got me thinking that being offensive with Oni isn’t the best way to go… it’s to be defensive and capitalize on mistakes.

However I know Oni can be a defensive monster, not allowing people to get near him but I can’t seem to get a hold of how to implement his shots as a defensive measure.

Anyone have any advice on how to play like a lame Oni?


^ somewhat of a response to your comment and the one above you…
For me learning to play Oni lead up to a few things:

  1. Practice everyday for about 20-30 mins. Go to training, pick a random character, pick a attack (Neutral Medium Kick for example), and learn everything about that move. Learn its range, how many hits, what can it combo into, what can it combo out of, what would be the uses of this move. All that. Do this for every single move Oni has.
  2. Learn Oni’s BNB (c.lk, c.lp, b.mp, n.fp into hk tatsu/light demon slash. Have it ON LOCK)
  3. Next learn spots of where you can throw in overhead attacks (c.lp, c.lp, delay, f.mp)
  4. Have his ultra and super on lock (I’m referring to you Ultra 2 <_<)
  5. Practice against opponents, learn their mind games, watch other really good Oni’s (Sanford and OMH come to mind… I never knew you could combo neutral medium punch to fireball till i watched OMH which gives Oni good range with a poke)

Some things i’m starting to look into is:

  1. Maintaining pressure and how to build meter quickly off of blocked attacks. I’ve found that using a lot of pokes and getting in and doing a ton of safe combos on block help my Oni build meter exponentially.
  2. Kara Throw (i was never good at it) and kara demon (i can dash into demon or electric fireball into demon but i dont have forward hard kick into demon yet)

Just some things you might want to look into when playing him hope that helped :]


bboy the trick to kara demoning is to practice with each normal you use before the f+kkk. Whether you are wiffing then f+kkk or using the block stun off the blocked normal, every move has a particular timing for the lp lp inputs. Some people opt to spam lp off the recovery of the move then cancel into f+kkk.


Ryu_Gosling your avatar is fucking hillarious hahahahah.

The only thing I can think of with Oni is after a l.demon stomp you dash forward twice and do it again and it makes DPs whiff.

Due to the nature of his grabs and TKD he doesn’t have a great deal of set ups IMO.

In Ultra he has to capitilize on his monstrous damage and stun.

But for some reason Capcom decided to nerf his main strength so idk really.


thx boxinsteve i’ll continue to work on that


So capcom is saying changes are going to be made after the capcom cup… Im guessing they’ll bring oni’s health back up to 1000 and then buff something useless. If they nerf him even more ill buy a stick…

Also, ive noticed i have serious trouble with constant pressure and daigo ryu style “crouch mk to hadoken till the end of time”. Anyone no of any ways to shut this down? Jumping in isnt an option, n.mk doesnt connect on crouching when far away, f.lk doesnt seem far enough, focus obviously doesnt work… Maybe hard stomp? Any suggestions?


^^ is this confirmed???

Because they dicked Oni for no good reason…

I just want the ae2012 Oni back… he didn’t have much problems… he was balanced… although I wish they would fix the hitbox on his stepkick…

Also for cr.mk forward .lk is your best friend… use and abuse it


“Of course, we do plan on further adjusting the game’s balance. However, as in October we’re organizing a Japan national tournament, and even in December there’s the Capcom Cup in North America, with Capcom Pro Tour preliminaries all the way leading up to that. As such, we’d like to refrain on making any sort of major adjustments for a while.”

i can’t find the article where combofiend stated that their wouldn’t be any balance changes till after capcom cup, so this was the best i could find :stuck_out_tongue:


EX Goshoryuken second hit now EX Focus-, EX Red Focus-cancelable on block, in addition to on hit.
L Rakan Dantojin damage increased from 110 to 120; stun increased from 130 to 150.
Airborne Raging Demon bug, where on air-hit trade Delay Stand was not possible, fixed.


(sorry for double post)


I think he still deserves his health from AE2012 to be honest. Made him more viable, but it won’t stop me.