I'm not in Lost Planet 2! - the PTX-40A UaS thread and guide

PTX got some really good stuff in UaS. Sure he can’t insta-jump anymore, but that’s negligable compared to the buffs. Discuss tips and strategies. videos soon to come.


This guide is written with numerical notation. The numbers represent corresponding joystick positions. It’s the same as your computer’s numpad.


1–2--3 (A) = light attack (B) = mid attack © = strong attack

charge motions will be shown in square brackets, for example [2]8 means charge down then press up


  • 5A
    A quick jab with PTX’s shield. This will not hit standing opponents but is angled to serve as a very effective anti air. Can combo into itself or 5B. This attack has upper-body auto-shield during the startup, meaning that if PTX is attacked when the auto-guard frames are active, it will act as though the attack has been blocked high. Get used to using it a lot since it’s a very valuable move for both offense and defense.

  • 2A

A low jab. A little slower than 5A but not by much. This will hit standing opponents but does not combo into itself unless they’re airborn. Very useful for poking or keeping opponents in place in the corner and for generally just getting people off you. It also has auto-shield frames during the startup, so it can be used to block and counter as though PTX were blocking low. It can combo into 6B4B but the timing is strict.


A quick mid attack with PTX’s shield. Has more range than the animation might suggest. It does hit some standing opponents but can be avoided by ducking. It’s mostly useful for combos against airborn opponents.


PTX kicks out with his foot for a thruster-imbued low attack. Hits low and comes out fairly fast. It knocks down and can combo into 6B2B, so overall it’s a pretty good attack for starting combos.


A very slow swipe with PTX’s chainsaw. Has nice horizontal range but can be avoided by jumping in most instances. The good thing about this move is that it hits overhead and can be cancelled at any time into the low-hitting 6B4B, which makes it good for quick mixups and mind games. If it hits it just knocks the opponent back a bit and does OK damage but nothing special. The recovery time is huge once the chainsaw has finished swinging, so use with caution.


PTX’s best move, no joke. This fast low is both a backdash and launcher in one. It’s quite powerful for such a quick hit and launches the opponent very high. Since it’s counted as a normal, PTX can then chain into specials into it in order to bring together some powerful combos. For the charged specials it’s sometimes necessary to delay the hit slightly to allow for proper charge time. This move also has a very large hitbox despite how the animation might look.


A powerful uppercut which hits twice. Good for swatting opponents who are attacking from above, since the punch reaches fairly high. It can be canceled into 2C after the first hit. This does fairly good damage on it’s own but is kind of slow. PTX can combo into this from 5B on an airborn opponent.


PTX spins while firing his thrusters doing about 6 hits and a lot of damage. A fantastic attack which can hit an opponent who’s knocked down (OTG). A very important part of PTX’s combos. Used by itself it lacks range and is easy to punish, but can still be useful occasionally due to it’s large, lingering hitbox.


PTX sticks out his foot and releases a small explosion from his vents, serving as a launcher. Pretty fast and has a deceptively large hitbox. 6B4B is better for combos, but this move is better for setting up resets into rockets. It can be combo’d from 2B

-6C or 4C

A special throw. PTX grabs the opponent, holds them for a while and then tosses them left or right. Wallslams. This attack can be mashed out of in order to create a breakaway. It should never be relied on for damage, but it is quick and unblockable, making it a reliable way to interrupt characters who are either defending a lot or just getting too close for comfort. Rapidly press 5A through the duration of this attack, which will cause PTX to perform a 5A immediately on breakaway if it’s teched, which puts him at a positioning advantage. It may be wise to buffer a Vs Tackle while falling to the ground.


A quick knee strike while airborn. Pretty good for approaching since it’s completely safe. If used after a launcher, it oddly will not combo into itself for 2 hits.


A much more powerful kick with decent range. Won’t hit standing opponents but is good for launcher combos and for tagging opponents who are trying to run away a lot. Will combo into itself.


A key part of PTX’s pressure game. PTX stops all aerial momentum and hovers while firing his thrusters. This is very powerful if it hits a grounded opponent and if used immediately after a jump it can serve as a considerably quick and threatening overhead when combined with 6B4B on landing. PTX’s entire body is the hitbox, and it can be used for crossups in the corner as well as ‘blocking’ off the escape routes of opponents who are trying to get out of the corner.


Right Weapon

  • 236 A/B/C

Left Weapon**

  • 214 A/B/C

Essentially the same attack, but of course the right weapon deals with guns attatched to PTX’s right shoulder wheras the left weapon fires guns attatched to the left. If a gun runs out of ammo it will drop off. Using the command again will call for a reload, which will give PTX an entirely random weapon in it’s place. The A version causes the gun to fire at a downwards angle, the mid version fires straight ahead and the strong version fires upwards at an angle. Inputting the commands for right and left weapon one after the other will cause PTX to fire both guns repeatedly one after the other, but there is a trick to this.
New players may think that these guns are to be used to keep away, but firing them actually does leave PTX open. PTX’s guns are usually used for more speciallised tasks, suppliments to PTX’s close range game, and for discouraging keepaway tactics as well as for use in combos.

PTX always starts the match with a machinegun and a rocket. The machinegun is expendable, but the rocket is extremily valuable and should be conserved until it’s time to use it. PTX cannot afford to waste his rocket.

The following guns can appear during the reload process, which only takes a moment.

MACHINE GUN (common) - has 3 shots -
PTX fires a stream of bullets in a straight line. Hits 10 times and does decent damage. Chews through other projectiles but is quite precise and is a very narrow projectile. The machine gun has many deadzones so it has to be used with some precision. For most characters, standing right up close to PTX will prevent him from being able to shoot them with this gun. This is sometimes used for extra chip damage at the end of jab combos and it can be used to push the opponent into the corner.

SHOTGUN (uncommon) - has 3 shots -
A short-range shotgun blast which sprays pellets in front of PTX. More powerful than the Machinegun but the damage is more random. The shooting speed is faster and the hitbox is much wider, meaning that the attack has less deadzones and can be useful in combos where the machinegun would normally fail, but unlike the machinegun it won’t reach full screen. Only marginally more useful than the machinegun, it’s worth using these in combos for their extra damage or for swatting opponents out of the sky.

ROCKET (very rare) - has 1 shot -
PTX’s most useful gun by far and arguably the sole reason this character can win at high level play as often as he does. The rocket takes some time to fire but is completely unblockable and homes in on the opponent, dealing moderate damage. Used in the corner after certain setups, it can guarantee a reset into PTX’s powerful level 3 super, which is a match winner in many circumstances. Unfortunately, rockets are very rare to get while reloading. Thankfully PTX starts the match with one. It’s best to hold onto this, as it’s often the key to victory.

MISSILE (very rare) - has one shot -
Only seen during PTX’s Barrage Shot super. The Missile can be kept and fired like a normal gun if PTX is interrupted during their loading animation. Like the Rocket it can be fired only once. The missile starts off slowly and gradually gets faster as it travels slowly in a straight line and upon hitting the ground, an opponent, or the side of the screen it will explode into a fiery mess. This will either deal a lot of damage if it hits, or pin the opponent in blockstun for a long time if it misses. On hit it can secure PTX a free combo and on block it gives pressure. It’s fairly easy to avoid though, so if you somehow end up getting these, don’t hold onto them. Just pick the right moment to fire it off to give yourself some momentum.


by default you are able to fire two guns off at once by quickly inputting the commands one after the other in one smooth motion. However there is a trick to getting a third shot off.

If you start with the left gun and then alternate between right and left, it’s possible to get 3 shots out instead of just two, but in order for the guns to chain you must follow these rules:

rule1: you must chain guns in this order: left > right > left
rule2: the second shot must be an A shot in order for the third shot to come out
rule3: in order for the third shot to come out, the second shot must hit the opponent (or be blocked)

Calibur Execution

  • [2]8 A/B/C

PTX swings a chainsaw at the opponent for a multi-hitting attack. This is very damaging and is primarily used for controlling space on the stage due to it’s huge range and persistant hitbox. The A version is safest, but the B and C versions cause knockdown. The C version deals the most damage but is the slowest. Overall the Mid version is probably the most useful. Another interesting property of this attack is that it pulls PTX out of the way before the move comes out, so it can sometimes be used to cause the opponent’s melee attacks to whiff.

VS Tackle

  • [4]6 A/B/C

PTX winds up and throws himself across the screen for a charging tackle. One of PTX’s most important attacks, this move is useful for advancing, mobility and pressure. Button pressed determines how far it goes and how much startup time it has. The A version is the safest but only goes a short distance, the B version travels half screen and the C version has a long startup but propells PTX very quickly across the stage and causes snapback if it hits. VS Tackle has auto-guard throughout the entire charging duration and also during some of the recovery, so it’s vitally suited (pun absolutely intended) for getting through projectile spam. Even with the shield frames in the recovery, it is still not entierly safe if used without baroque. If this attack hits it causes wallbounce from anywhere on screen, making it very important in combos as well.


Tactical Calibur

623 A+B

A super version of PTX’s chainsaw. Does a swipe which hits overhead, then an uppercut. If the swipe hits the opponent it will juggle them into the uppercut, and then PTX will perform a finisher by sawing into the opponent OTG. Not overly useful due to it being rather slow, but it does deal some nice damage. This move is completely unsafe if it hits due to it’s poor recovery, so it should only ever be used to finish combos where a level 3 super isn’t necessary and the opponent is going to be KOed for sure.

Arsenal Barrage

41236 A+B

For this super, PTX will do a twirl and then begin to fire both his guns at the opponent. If PTX didn’t have any guns at the time, then they are loaded during the twirl. This super can either be really good or really bad, because it completely depends on what guns PTX has at the time. PTX locks onto the opponent with a crosshair, then fires both guns repeatedly for a few seconds regardless of how much ammo they had at the time. Even if it was a one-time use only weapon like a rocket, it will still continue to fire them rapidly until the first part of the super is over. After both guns fall off, PTX will pause and take his sweet time to reload with two missiles, which are then automatically fired.

With anything other than a rocket, this super is really bad. With a rocket and a machine gun, it’s quite good and with two rockets it’s incredible. Do not use this super unless you have at least one rocket in tow.

This can be a nice alternative to wasting 3 meter on a rocket > level 3 combo in the corner when the opponent is at low life. Definately use it if you manage to get 2 rockets, but Rocket + machine gun is also pretty good.

PTX is completely vulnerable during the reloading process, but if he’s interrupted somehow then he gets to keep both the missiles.


421 A+B

Takes up 3 meter and drops all the guns that PTX was carrying at the time. PTX sheds his armor and then charges towards the opponent for a super variation of the VS Tackle. If it hits, the opponent will be taken into a cutscene and sufficient damage will be dealt. Coupled with a rocket reset, this is PTX’s primary means of finishing off an opponent. After the attack lands, the opponent will fly into the air and then fall helplessly to the ground. PTX can follow up with a 2C for even more damage, or take that time to reload his guns.


Basic Midscreen Bread and Butter:

6B4B, [4]6B, dash, 2C
Notes: This combo offers positional benefits. It will get your opponent to the corner quickly.

6B4B, 214A 236A 214B
Notes: Easier and a good way to use up those machineguns and shotguns so you can fish for rockets. It does more damage than the previous combo and builds a huge amount of meter (1 whole bar if you manage to land the whole thing) but it offers less in the way of positional benefits. This actually works a lot better in the corner. Note that if you have a shotgun and a machine gun, it probably isn’t going to work because these two guns don’t like to combo together very well. With 2 machineguns you can get up to 18000b, but with two shotguns you can get a whopping 24000b at best in the corner.

(on airborn opponent) 5A, 6B4B, [4]6B, 2C

2B, 3C ^ j.5B j.5B

Basic Corner Bread and Butter:

6B4B, [4]6A, 6B4B [2]8B, 2C
Note: this link is quite hard. you are required to hold the 4B after 6B for just a moment longer than usual in order to buffer the tackle’s charge time. the final 2C needs to be done after a dash and is often very hard to connect.

5C (1 hit) 2C (2 hits) [2]8B, 6b4b, [4]6A, 2C

How do i do this “6B2B” move… i just do a chainsaw then nothing happens…

Oops, that was an error. I put 6B2B instead of 6B4B
press 6B and then before the chainsaw swings, press 4B

OK, so i just played a guy that used PTX online. All he did was grab me, throw me against the wall, and on my way down grab me again and just repeated it until i either crashed or died. Is this an infinite loop? If so…that’s pretty lame…

You can’t tech out of the grab? If I’m not mistaken, in CGoH, you can mash all the buttons and escape the command grabs from these giants.

I dunno, i was mashin pretty hard, believe me. Maybe there’s some secret to teching that I don’t know in this game.

It’s been a while since I’ve played against Giants so I don’t actually remember, but that’s been the answer to all of the Giant command grabs. The grabs would be way too good if you couldn’t tech out of them.



It’s not an infinite loop. You just have to mash harder and faster. ‘normal’ tech hits don’t work.

when PTX grabs you, rotate the stick and hit a single button as fast as you can. That will get you out of it easily.

The name that was given to PTX by his pilot is Ivan.

We should call him that. Just to confuse people. >;3

The game actually calls him Ivan when you pick him on the character select screen.

I figured I’d just throw this out there even though it’s so blatently obvious, but unlike the other characters in the cast besides Lightan, dashing has no effect on PTX40A’s vulnerability to attacks, aka, it doesn’t matter that he can’t block since he won’t get knocked back. A do is definatly don’t be afraid to dash to close space and follow up with a 2b > 6b4b As most matchups go though, play very cautious as usual and avoid getting slammed around like a chunk of tin.

Actually that’s wrong.

Vs characters like Tekkaman who can really hurt you with their armor breaking tricks, you never want to be caught in a situation where you can’t block or react to an attack. PTX is fragile. You need to avoid taking damage whenever possible. That includes characters who don’t have these moves.

Why would you dash when you could use riot tackle to get in with proper safety?

Nevertheless, I agree that sometimes it’s necessary to take a hit in order to land one.

Hey squirrel, what do you do about the Tekkaman Blade matchup?

Also, has anyone noticed that after a certain amount of time, the missile is no longer unblockable?

What do you mean by after a certain amount of time? As in a certain amount of game time or a certain amount of time for the rocket to be out?

Anyway, for Tekkaman blade you need to use vs tackle to get in on him and try to use his awkward movement against him. Using 5A to block his jumping spears and 2A to block his ground spears is also kind of important to learn so you can avoid being caught while dashing.

So the standing and crouching jabs have an auto-shield against projectiles?

Anyway, I made a mistake with the missile. It turns out that if you fire it at a downwards angle, it seems to “hit the ground” taking away its unblockable hit. Now that I use the straight firing motion, it is never blocked.

Oh yeah. The actual explosion of the missile is blockable. The first hit is the only part of it that is unblockable.

And 5A and 2A have auto-guard against EVERYTHING, with upper and lower body guarding respectively.

Alright so if you’re fighting tekkaman blade and dash at him, will the 2A auto guard block tekkaman’s 236B (the one that he throws upwards)? Since it only autoguards lower attacks, I’m thinking it might work here. So… it’s kind of a guessing game on where to auto guard if that’s the case.

Strangely enough you can use 5A to block some low attacks too.

The other day I was doing an arcade run and I faced a CPU megaman who shot an uncharged ground shot, and somehow I blocked it with a standing 5A.

The timing is tighter than I originally thought, so against tekkaman blade you might just like to get used to using Vs Tackle to get in closer.

I don’t know about VS tackle against Tekkaman.

Tekkaman’s blade toss is FAST (well for PTX anyways). The start up time of a vs tackle is just too long to be used to block the blade throw that’s already in the screen.

You can do it for anticipation of a blade toss, but if you guess wrong, you’re bound for some punishment (and you definitely don’t want to make many big mistakes against tekkaman blade). If you do end up guessing wrong, better hope you have a baroque in store.

This is all just theory fighter, but if you tackle right after you block a projectile, you’ve already closed some distance and are charge buffering. Keep closing the distance.

It’s the only technique I can think of, really. and spam 5A if he tries to throw air projectiles… I guess?

Goddamn, Capcom, what a killer move against the Giants.