I'm not in Lost Planet 2! - the PTX-40A UaS thread and guide

You have it all wrong.

PTX in general does not use vs tackle for approache unless he has BBQ. Furthermore, even getting hit by a special attack while using vs tackle gives you a tiny sliver of chip red life for safety purposes. Blade’s B and C spear attacks aren’t as fast as you’d think, especially considering that they have startup AND the need to cross the screen to get to PTX. PTX’s B version Vs Tackle has a fairly fast startup and is safe for pretty much the duration of the attack. All you have to do is wait for Blade to throw one spear, block it, and then vs tackle to get close. Blade cannot throw spears one after the other in such quick succession. Also, taking just a moment to jump-block is even faster and safer in most occasions.

How did I get it wrong if you practically agreed with me in most cases. Don’t charge in w/out Baroque is pretty much what I was implying. VS tackle is a large gambit against tekkaman, as he has too many super armor piercing moves to punish.

Against tekkaman, I rarely use VS tackle unless I’m close to mid distance (preferably the distance to land a A version VS tackle. Even then, I’m reluctant to vs tackle against tekkaman blade.

The problem with VS tackle against TekkamanB is that it’s not too terribly difficult to block, and it’s all too easy to punish. That 1 level super bypasses PTX’s super armor and it’s fast. He can punish almost any of PTX’s moves with it.

The best way to approach tekkaman is to simply approach while blocking his attacks.Just keep jumping at him and block whatever he throws at you. Like you said, it’s not rapid, but considering the attack speed of giants, it’s rapid enough where timing and proper prediction is crucial. Once you get in close, Jumping C is a powerful and fairly safe option along with his Forward M -> Backwards M backdash attack which can set up a lot of great combos. It’s a fairly good habit to block habitualy after some attacks in hopes he attempt his super. If you block that annoying level 1 super he does, you can set up for some powerful combos, especially if you’re in the corner.

Also if he’s trying to keep away throw a few blades, doing PTX’s arsenal barrage is not a bad idea at all, but only if you have missles of course.

His attacks don’t go through auto-guard though.

Vs tackle is safe for the entire duration of the charge. It’s only the startup and a small portion of the ending lag which is vulnerable. He’s not supposed to block it, you’re meant to use it for mobility. Time it just when you see him do the apex of his jump, and then throw it out before he has a chance to chuck a spear. If he does throw the spear, then you auto-block it and you take a tiny amount of chip damage if any at all (vs tackle destroys his spears too due to it’s large hitbox) and can baroque to make the ending lag safe. If he doesn’t throw one then the most you’re going to suffer is a measly 10000b from crash intrude, which will give you baroque to get in next time and waste 1 bar of his meter.

Against T.Blade you can afford to make lots of little mistakes. Against Tekkaman, you can’t afford to make even 1 mistake.

I’m already aware of the autoguard being able to block spears, but I don’t see much practicallity of it beyond as a risky gambit against careless players.

The point of using the VS tackle for mobility is to block incoming projectiles or attacks along with setting up for a damaging combo. It’s a two-in-one. Using it for mobility itself is not needed. Simply dash and jump if you find it safe to, or walk/jump and keep your guard up. I’m pretty much repeating myself here but against TekkamanB it’s simply best to just approach with jumps while guarding. You still build up baroque anyways and it’s better than “being hit by the spear” to lose a chunk of your life and get red bar.

I tried using VS tackle in between TekkmanB’s constant blade spam and I could not easily find time to do without being hit in the start up of the VS tackle. TekkamanB has no problem punishing PTX properly if you whiff a VS tackle. You said a mere 10.000b damage from crash intrude, but PTX only has around 60,000b health. The more damage you take, the more you ought to be hoping that your opponent can’t effectively play his/her second character. Implying the idea “oh you can make tons of mistakes” will not in any way help PTX’s pretty awful match-up against TekkamanB

I don’t know too much about the original tekkaman match-up aside from some the potential Tekkaman is capable of. All I’m pretty sure is, you generally should play defensively against both Tekkamans, and VS tackle is fairly risky. There’s not a lot of point to do it up close, and it’s too easily telegraphed far away. Mid-distance is reasonable, but once again, because of the huge start up time, you have to properly predict your opponent. That’s simply why i just don’t recommend VS tackle against tekkamanB.

Whoa, frustratedsquirrel is a PTX player? Fucking sweet.

Great guide, immensely helpful.

Vs tackle is much better than dashing and jumping. You can no longer instant jump from a dash and you’re vulnerable during the dash’s startup. So you can’t react to a projectile being thrown at you. VS tackle supplimented by baroque is the safest way to get in on people like Blade. You walk forward and block the first projectile, then buffer Vs tackle in from there and baroque it before the auto-guard wears off. That gets you in safely.

and yes Tofu, I was a PTX player since CGoH first came out and I’ve been supporting PTX ever since then.

Do you think he’s a much better character overall in UaS, or has he lost a lot of tools? The new wavedash that was discovered should help him out I imagine.

He lost one very important tool (instant jump) but gained so many others that I really don’t think it matters. He’s definately a better character. You can confirm combos from 6b4b now, which is a huge buff no matter how you look at it. And rocket resets are still possible.

If it’s not too much trouble, could you give a rundown of the buffs he received this time around?

Oh, and someone in the tier speculation thread said that PTX has a 40 - 45 billion damage BBQ combo off 30% red life. Which combo is this?

just check the character changelist thread in general discussion. I have all the buffs listed there.

And that combo…not sure, but it’s probably just 6b4b, B-riot tackle, level 3, 2C bbq 2C. 30% red life is a lot.

Wow, that’s a long list of buffs, good to see.

Anyway, regarding the BnBs you posted, it’s also worth noting that PTX can combo into 6B4B off 2A; an 18K meterless combo off a fast normal with auto-guard? I’m down. Using 2B as a starter was way too finicky, the launcher rarely linked, if ever. I also have yet to cancel 6B4B into a [4]6+A mid-screen, my Riot Tackle always falls short of my opponent. I’ll keep practicing though. Ugh, I hate joining an established, active community and being a noob with lots of questions, but that’s life. :rofl: I also noticed that a descending j.5C BBQ leads into a lot of grounded normals, including 3C. A good way to set up the missile into big damage.

Yeah I need to edit those to 2A instead of 2B. I just discovered this recently. Finally his low jabs will lead into damage and not just chip pressure!

If you could shed some light on that cancel I mentioned, I’d be greatly appreciative. Then I’ll leave you alone for like a week and figure out shit on my own. Deal?

It’s pretty easy to get a riot tackle from midscreen off 6b4b. The charge time is shorter than you’d think. You can even combo into the snapback version if you delay the 4B a little bit.

Yeah, I noticed in [media=youtube]q22nK2a9StM#t=1m11s[/media] that he’s barely charging at all, PTX isn’t pushed back very far. I guess I’ve been overestimating how long I have to charge for every time. You start charging as soon as you hit 4B, right? Or is there something I’m missing?

Yo, new here but really big on playing PTX. I have a lot of fun combos with him that I’m not seeing a lot of people pull, in particular a 50+ hit combo off a grab that can 100% a lot of chars. I was wondering why I don’t see more people tactical calibur off of a calibur execution, it combos right into it and does a ton of reliable damage, and since PTX has a pretty easy time building up the super bar (providing he’s getting hits XD ) it’s easy to use. Is it because it can be punished after it comes out?

Another thing, I’ve seen you around, and you continue to tell people to not use grabs, but in my experience, grabs are quite useful. Yes, even when they’re teched. PTX has gotten a lot quicker recovery in the american game, and he can be right in their face with a 5B or a j.5C right after, and it’s good pressure for his game, not to mention can force most people back down to the ground where PTX has the biggest advantage.

The reason people don’t use that super much is because PTX does prefer to save meter for rocket resets using the level 3. But I agree that it has it’s place for finishing off opponents without risking the use of a precious rocket. However you really shouldn’t use it when it’s not guaranteed to ko the opponent because PTX is vulnerable even after it hits because the recovery time is so huge. vs someone like Tekkaman Blade you’re going to eat damage for even attempting it if he isn’t KOed.

As for grabs. Yes they’re useful enough, but you shouldn’t be relying on them for damage. If broken out of, you can try to tag the opponent with a j.5B but otherwise it sends you flying pretty far away from the opponent, and there’s a chance you could take damage from air supers as well. Throws in general are best for getting people out of your face at close range, or to attempt something after a snapback if you don’t have a rocket.

Oho, I understand. I wouldn’t do them vs a tekkaman or karas, to be sure. Thats asking for trouble. But the extra damage on safe chars is just too tempting for me in most situations, especially the ease with which a wiffed or misplaced move can be punished with the calibur execution, or how easy it is to combo out of a 2C on an opponent in the air.

I also am having problems with his riot tackle in the middle of the screen, btw. I’ve found that if the A or B tackle is performed after the 6B-4B in the middle of the screen, without a wall for the opponent to bounce off of, it’s very hard to follow up with anything other than an L-P drive. I can do it pretty reliably, but I like to follow it up with a dash->5C

Also, a combo you might like and the one that I use most often is a corner combo of 5A, 5B, 2C (three hits) cancel to Calibur Execution and cancel that to L-P or Tactical Calibur depending on damage (you can follow the LP up with a dash and another 2C as well XD ). You can even baroque out of the calibur execution and do another 2C calibur execution for more hits and extra damage. The enemy has to be at the arm level of PTX, however, to initialize this, and it’s surprisingly easy to catch an enemy you’ve got pinned down against the corner as they try to escape, or it can be perfectly comboed out of a grab against the wall, in some cases even a riot tackle, but you’d need to baroque the end, or a 6B-4B with a baroque as well. It’s sick damage and a potential 100% life combo on some chars. I’m trying to make a combo video for it, cuz while it’s kinda circumstantial, it’s not hard to get enemies with some parts of it and still pull off most of the combo, just hard to do the whole thing together XD

The tackle will always wall bounce no matter where you are on screen. Midscreen it’s still fairly easy to get over and use 2C in time if you use the B version of tackle, you just have to be quick when it comes to buffering.

Also, nice combo! I totally didn’t think you could get calibur execution off after a 2C.

You can actually hitconfirm this off a neutral 5C if you cancel the first hit into 2C

Oh I like that, I like that very much. And yeah, the Calibur Execution is just devastating, as long as you cancel it before the last hit, you can combo it into either the Tactical Calibur or L-P and it’s really quite easy to land.

I’m trying to take PTX as far as I possibly can, and one thing I’ve seen is not to skimp on the baroque with him. You can baroque a 2C or j5C after the first two hits (when he enemy is knocked down and standing respectively) and get another use of the same move for a bit of extra damage where useful, and you can baroque the Caliber Execution and 6B-4B rather than the aforementioned just to bring them into another 5A-5B-5C or something more devastating, you can time it so the enemy is at just the right height for them.