Im not sure which buttonlayout i should go for SEGA2 or SEGA2 with alternate Pinky

Hi there maybe somebody can help me^^

I was thinking about the Right Buttonlayout for a while now and i hafe one favourit but i can not deccide the variant of it yet

Sega2 with SPACING

Sega2 without Spacing

Here is my First decission part

i guess the good side of the Spacing is “more easy to Doubletap”

is there a Downside of the SPACING layout ?

  1. and more Important

im thinking about the alternativ Spacing for the Pinky Finger
the “lower LEFT” one

the Pro is my Pinky could rest on a button without moving the hand much
maybe there is something bad about that?

what whould you suggst for the buttonlayout and WHY ?


i HATE the TE Layout g