I'm not watching EVO Discussion 1.0


Just rented Safe House from Red Box. Keeping my eyes peeled for a maxx sighting.

Also, Spicy Chicken McBites are good, easily rivaling KFC’s popcorn chicken.


Theres a gangster ass scene in Safe house bruv. Towards the end, it should stand out.


Thanks for not spoiling :tup:. I’ll respond to it after I watch the movie. Stromboli for dinner, and a movie. Word up.


I don’t find anything interesting this year at EVO so I’m not watching. I already have things planned for the entire weekend as well so I’ll be busy anyway.


Lol. I didn’t even know Evo was this weekend.

Are there any storylines like back when it was cool? ie. All the Japanese came to america and teached us about Roll Cancelling…literally.

Are those spicy Mcbites any good?


I remember when East and West coast actually had real rivalries and the matches actually mattered even if they weren’t part of the tournament.


Unfortunately I have overtime to put in so I will miss most of it. I’m sure there will be tons of replays on youtube so I can catch the good stuff.


Ironically, there was virtually no rapper involvement back then.


Wtf. Do you not see the banners when you go on the forums? Its in big fucking letters and you have to see it if you scroll from the top of the page…



I am watching Evo right now! Daigo just beat some black guy.

Try harder next time black guy! Dieminion beat Uryo earlier. So Daigo was taking revenge for the yellow man. Black and Yellow Black and Yellow Black and Yellow.


Who is Daigo?


Some yellow man.

In other news the Sixers signed a dude who wears hilarious shirts and never passes. I think he might be my new favorite Sixers since Rodney Rodgers left.


It really depends on what game you’re watching. AE is pretty much a clean slate right now and people are just there to win. But in Marvel there are serious rivalries/stories.
[]The south trying to prove they are worth something
]Dios X vs FChamp (This is happening 1st round in their pools)
[]Fanatiq vs RayRay runback
]Norcal thinks Socal is ass
[]Yipes vs Viscant (Yipes hates Viscant’s style with a passion even though they are both part of broken tier)
]Fchamp has become the most hated person in marvel due to serveral reasons. (Constant inane pop-offs, Hates on CJ Showstopper all the time etc.)
[]Japanese proving themselves to be on par with America
]People will be roaring when someone beats ChrisG when he plays morrigan
[]We love seeing new tech and with thousands of people playing we’re gonna see some godlike stuff, AE is stagnant in terms of technology
]Zero players need to fucking step their game up, The best character in the game has never won a major so far cough cough flocker cough cough


I was JUST about to say this in the lounge but I probably would have been crucified.

I don’t give a shit about EVO.


I thought there was a pokemon event this weekend. I mean you did say evolution right?


Yea, I forgot to mention that I don’t consider newer games like SF4 and MvC3 to be real fighting games so I have no interest in them.

Hit me up when DFO will be at EVO.




Finally! All that fighting game talk is clogging up the lounge. Honestly, somebody could have been talking about their penis and nobody would see it because somebody won something in some game somewhere.
Anyway, if anybody has any breaking news on cocks post it here for the time being.


fuck street fighter 4


So this is what you’re doing, instead of sexing up your cute wife. smh…

If you had made some penis talk, in the middle of all that it would have been too small to notice.


Only watching the side stream.