I'm on to everything now.. so just admit it

Ya, you can see the title, right? I know this whole life of mine is nothing more (or almost) something like an entertainment show. Everything is staged. You know how i came to this conclusion.

1 of the main reasons is that everybody i have bumped into has the same resemblance of somebody i’ve seen. The bus driver looked like the same store clerk dude where i bought by notebook from, who also looks like my old class mate back in HS. The girls i’ve dated had the same lip like features, and these group of guys i’ve talked to looked like some of my friends and other folks i’ve met before. Everyone is in costume or something. I have this feeling that every thing is just made for something, other than the usual life i used to believe in. No one has a point of view, opinion, or life of their. All of you are just following or programed by the director (who’s name is possibly Jesus, Jehova, Christ) to do what ever it is you want to do just for the sake of boosting my ratings or for plot holes. The director probably told you bitches to say this line to me, just to give me some reaction and have the whole audience getting hooked in more. Whether it is me masturbating, having sex, getting dumped, kicking some ones ass or getting my ass kicked; it’s all scripted. There is something in the background of all of this that makes my whole life work on it’s motion. I bet none of you actually exist! Just a bunch of lifeless stuff on my pc made by the people incharge of the script just to keep me thinking that life is real. Yeah right. I’ve had some supernatural-ghost like experiences of things called Dwende’s (spirit dwarfs) or what ever that rubbish is… and i bet all that spooky shit i’ve experienced in the past are just a bunch of former crew workers that quit or possibly other “people
”, going to dress up into whatever suits for the next social scene. There is no sky, nor a moon. That’s just the top of this whole set.

I would appreciate that you bitches fess up now, especially the director of this. Give me what i want exactly, and i’ll make the script as good as i go. All i want is allot of cash, sex with alba, and possibly save many lives “spiderman style”. I’m getting tired of this, some of my failures are not entertainment.

Jim Carrey, is that you?

Looks at location

@OP All asian people look the same, its okay, I used to think they had identities too…


The fuck?

The Truman Show was a decent movie.

Word. I read all that hoping otherwise. Fucking optimism.

All black people look alike too… everybody looks alike.

I hate the fact that I wake up when I know I’m dreaming.

Cisco, Potassium Cyanide works wonders, but if you want to do it the emo teen way, down the street, not across the river.

Quick!! Change the channel!!

Fine. I sit across from you on the bus from time to time.