I'm out of my league


So I was ecstatic.

No, More than that. I was downright blown away by the fact that I made it to the 4th Rank in MvC3. I thought that, just for a second there, I’d be able to come out swinging and blow them fuckers away at every step I took, because I was that damn good.

Then I step into my first 4th Rank match against another 4th Ranker, and I’m destroyed.


And again.

Out of all the games I’ve played in this rank, I’ve only won once, and just barely at that. It’s almost as if in that one moment of gameplay, I’ve stepped up to the big boys room, where there’s no remorse, and no looking back. Sure, I can pull off 100% combos and cross ups like the best of 'em, but it’s almost as if I’m on a whole other level that I’m just not prepared to battle against.

I loved the fact I was a Sentinel Destroyer, now I’m getting destroyed by combos I didn’t even know existed until they were used on me.

I dunno guys, Maybe I’m taking this too seriously. It just hurts when you’re feelin’ good and think you’re actually able to play Professionally, only to get one hell of a reality check.


Getting put on blast like that is the best way to find things you need to improve on. Find a way to record your matches, watch them and whenever you get hit ask yourself these things:

  1. “How did I get hit here?”
  2. “Why did I get hit here?”
  3. “What can I do to not get hit here?”

If the answer to 3 is “I don’t know”, that’s your cue to go into training mode, set the dummy to perform what caught you, and go through your character/team’s options to find a solution.


Yeah man. Whenever I get beat badly or numerous times by something, I hit that Danger Room. You might not necessarily need to try tactics on the team you lost to (although this will only have beneficial outcomes) but just get your team, and learn what you can do. You have two assists so you need to know what meshes well. This kinda sounds like beginner shit but honestly it’s the truth. If you keep getting beat by like overhead tricks, find a way to defend against that. Etc, etc, etc.


This is why I really wish they had added a replay feature, like in SSF4. I hope there’s a chance for DLC…


If they are beating you horribly that means your lacking something so during your matches you need to ask yourself why am I taking damage and try to not fall for it again during that match or at all if you can help it. Also, you have to keep track of how you get hits as well so you can build off of that so you could cut through what does and what doesn’t work. Also, if you can find some videos on youtube or something of your team or a team close to yours?


Ideally you should want to be able to answer those questions in the middle of a match then adapt and win, rather than lose the match and then look back at why you lost.



Thanks for the suggestions guys. Hopefully I’ll be better able to approach future games. I’m gonna keep trying and see if I can’t better myself sooner.


Knowing how do a move is half. Second part is simply to learn when.

Keep in mind, there are two players with a random factor of what they’ll do. The only way your expected to win is either using something game breaking or heavily out class the other player.


what sucks though is, with online, u cant even do a bunch of magnetors combos cuz of lag


Make sure you analyse your opponent when you lose, don’t just hit the rematch button right away. Try to be calm and try to remember the mistakes you made and why you made them. It helps me a lot, once i was against a guy with a beast haggard, took me 4 matches to lose and figure what i did wrong. Finally i figured how to counter his haggard and won 4 matches straight back until he quit.


This. Even during a match sometimes just take a second to breathe and consider your options and what has gone wrong so far. Like in SSFIV if you’re fighting Dhalsim as Rufus for instance and he has a health lead over you and is keeping you out and time is getting a little low, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to rush in and take that lead back as fast as possible. If that Sim (or whoever) is content to sit on their lead and not put pressure on you then use that opportunity while blocking fireballs or whatever to consider what has gone wrong so far, think of a way to adjust and fix it, and then go back on the offensive.


Well, at least you’re doing a lot better than me, lol. I’m a total scrub at fighting games and MVC3, but I want to get to a competitive level too.

Since I’m still learning myself, the only advice I could really give you is maybe the online itself could be having an effect on you losing. It sounds like you’re like me and rely on online a good deal to get experience. Sadly, it’s not the best experience so maybe you should try playing with some friends a lot more (if they take it seriously) or find a local place that hosts events and can let you play the game with other people to get a better gameplay experience so you can improve faster. That’s what I’m about to start doing. Good luck to you.


You can’t get better, sell your stick and game to Gamestop, throw your PS3 in the ocean then hang yourself, you will never get better.

msg me back if my advice helped


So fucking true, think about it, if they are ahead you fucked up, take a sec and calm down and rethink your strategy.


This could have been a blog post, or posted in the general discussion area. Theres no need for a thread to discuss this.