I'm playing Capcom Vs. SNK 2 and having a hard tim doing a combo, need help

I’m playing as Rock and I can do all of his moves perfectly except for Neo Deadly Rave, Im using the Street Fighter 15th year collectors controller, is there a good way to perform this correctly without a Arcade stick?:confused:

HCB,F+LK isn’t hard even on a DC pad…

dc d-pad>those sf d-pads

& if you can’t do the super consistently, in a combo it means either:
a. you still can’t do the super alone consistently
b. you’re not respecting neutral

I can tolerate the SF pads. The DC pads leave my left thumb feeling like it’s been slammed in the window a few times.

Yeah, but it’s so worth it. I’m damn proud of my fighting game callous, and it’s thanks to that DC pad.

What’s weird, I do much better pulling off complex combos, like Nakoruru’s J.Roundhouse - S.Jab x 2 - C.Short - C.Roundhouse - Bird Super, with the big XBox pad than on a Dreamcast pad.

And if you have those PS1/2 - DC convertors, maybe try getting those PS2 Saturn pads.

I have pretty thick callouses (guitar playing, see…), but I still hate the DC pad. Maybe it’s because I’m just used to the Agetec stick whenever I bust out the DC fighting.

Oh, and those fucking triggers are shit.


btw, do what i do, bind l/r to mk/mp (respectively) then have it setup as

lp          hk

then hcb, smash the stick forward and press lk, then follow up with lp lp, lk lk, mp, mk, hp, hk and end it with classic qcb hp or go into your next combo

Okay these guys are being wayyyy too nice…I’m gonna be nice too…but I’m gonna redirect you somewhere…

There IS a CVS2 Section my friend…Rock has his own section also…just go there and ask questions I am sure you will have better success…

Happy hunting.

I’ll get in before this gets closed. If you are not having trouble hitting the buttons, which may be the problem and will only go away with practice, you may be having trouble with the timing.

It’s my understanding that each different character with a combo super, has different timing for the inputs. Most notible in this, is that Rock’s and Geese’s timing are different. If you are just falling out of the combo in the middle, and your execution is good, talk to someone about how fast/slow you need to input the combo. I think yo have to be like 1 move and only 1 move ahead of the sequence.

Oh maybe im just getting the timing wrong thanks!

Sorry I didnt see the Capcom vs. SNk 2 forum. Thanks for all the help.

I have nothing to add to this thread, but I have to say this…

Niceness is a rarity here on SRK, so I tip my hats off to the posters in this thread for being ‘nice.’

Judging from the title of this thread, I came in here just to see how badly you guys were going to rip this dude a new one. Is SRK trying to become more user-friendly?


i’ve always thought that was the downfall of the fighting game community, I doubt people will agree (i’m ‘new here’) but the elite attitude towards new players isnt very helpful to a community that is asking for support in the fighting genre.

I blame Rock Howard and the Mark of the Wolves. hehe

Less harshness to the players for how they play, more harshness to the player for not being able to read. Off to the CvS2 board with ye!

Best recommendation is practice.

Other than that go use a stick or a better pad.

lol… do some of you fools read?

this thread went from, 3 posts of advide, to 10 posts about which pad is better, to srk nicencess. wtf