I think Im/psy is great, especially as Mags/IM/Psy

An easy inf setup with Psy is

c. lp+callpsy, c. mk, start infinite

IM/Psy is good…it is just the fact that IM has to get close…which isn’t easy against sentinel period, cable isn’t a good matchup for IM, storm/sent-g is a hard matchup for im/psy, just pointing out some cons…since the pros are so plain to see

IM/Doom or IM/Sent is better IMO… Psy is really easy to set up the infinite but she’s a one trick pony. Doom lets you set up bullshit infinites better, not to mention more rushdown options and Sent, well you get Sent as a character. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not that IM/Sent is devoid of infinite setups either, but Sent/IM is really good too if it happens that your have to tag out IM.

ur right…im/doom is the best couplet for him hands down i think. but imo, im/tron is off tha chain too!!! i saw justin wong play with them one time AWHILE back…it was pretty tyte n affective. but the reason i didn’t get into other duos is because of the thread title.

IM/Sent is the shit in my eyes, i luv them drones, plus they help rushdown. but all in all the only good IM/Doom player i know is julius. but for me the best IM teams r IM/cab/sent and storm/IM/sent. these teams give IM a good chance at playing other top tiers its just that u have to have a toptier IM as well. And well all know how much of a bitch it is fighting sent/capcom when your IM, so you got your own Sent to back u up, but you just gota know how to use em.

peace, IM is the shit!!!

I seem to remember liking IM/Doom alot, any setups for the inf w/ them?

IM/Doom setup, IIRC, is like c.LK+Doom, c.LK, rocks OTG, s.LK, j.LK, j.LP, j.LK, j.uFP.

I think so at least.

I just figured out a infinite set up with psylocke assist.

It is c.RH then a milisecond later [assist] then start rejump infinite. you can re jump in and start is or just sneak it in while blocking. if you jump after the assist and miss then that means you called the assist too late but you cant call it too early either. I dont know if this set has been posted so sorry if it has.

Hi–Could someone maybe give me a hand with Iron mans ground infinite Im not sure how it goes and what are the easiest ways to start it up??

Also I heard it was possible to combo a proton cannon onto the end of it somehow?


Well I guess since im bored.

IM inf. set it up somehow with either psy, jump in u+hk or some other fancy set up, j. lp,,, j. u+fp, land, repeat. To add the cannon do the inf. until like 40 something hits then, s. fp XX proton cannon.