I'm ready for all the **** to hit the fan!

So a week ago, I had brief bout of a stomach bug. And then I experienced constipation for a while before a few instances of really letting loose. And that made me realize: my country (US) is a few weeks away from deciding whether or not to raise the debt ceiling to avoid a Country default. But I am thoroughly against that. We only delay the inevitable, and I want nothing more than to just let it be, let us default, and watch all the crap hit the fan at 500 mph. I SO BADLY WANT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DO THAT, so that maybe someday I can stories about it to my imaginary descendants or some such. But it sucks because I know the government isn’t ever going to let that happen we are just going to keep holding back and “plan” on reducing the deficit through spending cuts/more taxes, only to twiddle our thumbs, never make a decision, and so the cycle continues.

Bumping this cause guess what 'Merica, we yet to have a deal.

Bumping a BeGuiled thread should be considered a capital offence

did i do bad? :confused:

Hey Beguiled, did you flunk out of school yet?

Don’t get hype. There will be a lot of chest beating, dick wagging, and screaming. Somebody’s toe will get smashed during the stomping around and raising of dirt, and then the taxes will raise, and all will go back to whatever normal is. Get me some chips for the fail, eh?


Don’t tell that to Alex Jones or Glen Beck! The new world order is making its move!!!:eek: :badboy:

Shhhh, youre letting the cat out of the bag…