I'm returning my game


I’ve racked up at least 27 rage quit victims and it’s pissing me off. I just got 3 in a row on ranked. So yea. Fuck this game. It’s for baby pussy cock suckers that can’t take a loss. I hope they realize how shitty their life is and kill themselves.


Okay, thanks for playing.


How can you even tell when rage quits happen? Lobbies are just stupid, since, chances are, one player will dominate and everyone else gets to sit around watching the cards bump into each other, the other method has no way to make a rematch with people. If you are going only by lobbies, get used to it, in their current form, they are terrible.


Tron will sue you.


cool story bro


Ragequitting MVC3 because people ragequit, gg.


But what will we do without you?!?!?


!!! this probably means that you are a ragequitter yourself and you are now in ragequit hell. personallly i can only laugh :rofl:

and laugh hard at that :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

if you arent a ragequitter but instead have a shitty connect that shits on other people you probably shouldnt be playing online anyways. you getting rid of the game is probably better for everyone no matter the excuse.



Might as well make back the money you wasted on this game before its value gets too low and you can barely even make 1/4th of what you spent back. The game is really only worth 30 dollars. 60 bucks is highway fuckin robbery.


Is the game still 60$ new? Though it’s kinda expected for a game that only has play value online to go cheap fast.


People rage quit on my pipe OCV all the time!


lol hope you trade it in, because you arent getting your money back.


Play with your friends. Makes it fun and enjoyable. Otherwise stop whining and trade it in.


Nah, some people wait for MvC3 to come out so they could watch people play it, their lives are fucken shit. I asked one of them before what the heck are you doing and he replied, I want to be a game masta and win all the tournaments fo casha!

Though if you were getting bored of the game that is understandable. The ps3 also takes a long time to update stats while the xbox does the same thing a few seconds is probably the main reason why your turning it in I assume along with dealing with these so called advantages that supposedly help instead of being used against new comers.


The fact that you are getting this riled up about rage quitters is actually kind of sad.


Guys don’t post in threads that should be locked. Enough post and Preppy won’t lock/delete it. . . .


He’s on PSN, I have a PS3 but hardley use that piece of crap. You literally get loading screens during game play which can take anywhere from five to thirty minutes, by god you don’t even want to finish Metal Gear Solid half of the time. The thing is every time someone rage quits it sends him to the main menu where his stats are loaded which will probably take at least 2 maybe 5 minutes or more every time.

If that is no longer a problem, he merely uses one reason but at the same time must hate the game itself to the point he must post something. Though if he did he would get flamed so either way it really doesn’t matter and no one really gives a shit. Twisted Metal might be worth getting, but I really don’t like the PS3 much, except Demon Souls, that game kicked too much ass.


Forget ragequitters,

You should be complaining about how barebones MvC3 is compared to SSFIV, and literally every other fighting game online. :rofl::rofl:

  • No spectator mode
  • No replay mode
  • No filter list for Player/Ranked Matches
  • No ‘rematch’ button for 2 player Lobbies

Game is fun, but the online is terrible.


Anyone can link that vid where some black guy who plays Akuma (badly I might add) exclusively online burns the disc and say’s how great he is?


Thank You for playing Marvel VS Capcom 3
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