I'm sad.


I just got a stick Sunday, and I simply CAN’T for the life of me do DP cancel CC’s. I’m aware of the rhythm, and the different methods like buffering, but I simply can’t do it. This really discourages me because I would like to play A groove, but I CAN’T use DP cancel CC’s so whats the point… Anyone have a vid of someone’s hands while doing it? Because a vid really helped me before with RC Electricity.


iv seen this guy at the arcades use an A-sakura and he did a DP CC, let me tell you : his hands were fucking crazy…

it seemd that after the 2 first ones (DP) he was doing qcf’s and just pressing FP mid-way.

i guesse you just have to practice tho:bluu:

PS: i like ur new avatar


Thanks for the compliment.:slight_smile: . Yeah I guess practice is the only way ugh:bluu: .


You just need to practice step by step
don’t try to run before you can walk
start with doing 2 continuous DPs, then 3, then 4…
practice 15~30mins a day for both sides
eventually, you’ll be able to do 20+ DPs

It took me 3 months to get bison’s cc down, but not yet sakura’s…
bison’s one is slower
i suggest you start with him…


I can do Bison’s a little, but only by buffering, not by manual DP’s. Yeah I know Bisons is slower.


You don’t have to do continuous DP motions to do Saks CC.
After about 2 DP motions (to get the ball rolling), you can simply just do qcf motions really fast and they will register as DP motions.

I’m sure we’ve all done this at one point in playing SF…walk forward with Ryu and do a fireball-----you’ll end up doing a Dragon Punch.
That’s because by holding forward before doing the qcf, you hit all the appropriate points to do a DP (albeit, by accident). :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, DP CC’s are sorta like that. By doing consecutive qcf motions, you hit the appropriate points to do a DP, so it makes it much easier.
So the motion is actually something like this…


I think the toughest thing about DP CC’s is when you hit the punch button, not the joystick motion. If you hit the button at the wrong point, you’ll get a fireball—at the right point, a DP. But don’t ask me exactly when to hit the button, as I still haven’t figured it out completely. :bluu:

Hope that helps.:slight_smile:

P.S. Try it with Kyo and Iori. Their DP CC are fuckin’ crazy looking! :eek:


I can’t do the left side of sho sho sho consistantly but if a haduken comes out while sho sho sho -ing then u might have been too early or u nissed a joystick input.


Try this. Do sakura Sc.Frc like 3 times,then do her Shouken. Do the DP twice like everyone else said. then do this, you contine to the the short cut DP, you can press toward the oppoent then do a quarter circle down then do a quarter circle toward but half up hit punch before you hit toward the oppoent, but sence the execution command (punch), when you continue the quarter circle toward, then you can repeat the process because after the execution, toward is the next command you pressed. This will repeat the Shouken over and over again. I hope its understandable


I need a video.


I guess its to vague huh?


No I understand, but I still can’t get the rhythm of the qcf’s and the fp’s together. If a Saw a vid of someones hands as they did it, I think I’d understand better.


I can’t really do it myself (yet), but I’ve heard that most good players, i.e. Ino, Ricky, etc., dont use the shortcut method – they just do dp motions over and over. Once you get it down, it’s supposedly more reliable/easier to do consistently this way.


well ricky can only do it one side. so that method might only encourage the left side.


Why do the DP twice? why not once then do QCFs?


is it possible to do a DP while ducking or is it sum srcub EO shit or that stuff only the computer can do, like wlaking forward and doing a blanks ball??


i don’t really see the difference in the result of doing buffer or manual DPs cuz i can buffer my bison paint the fence with 5 hits each…

but only 3 hits with sakura’s each shouken …


No forget the video trust me… you have to ,practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice practice,ect… there is no way around it. You will get it if you practice. It may look scrub “E” at first, you have to get the rythem on your own. Try mp DP with Sakura.:eek:


Im not sure. I had that prob to. skill? scrub? dono


but are you finaly able to do it? i just want to know if its possible, or if im going to end up standing up then doing my dp. the example in my head is a huricane kick, i duck it, and when hes over me… DP.

but is it possible??


personally, I can’t do it with out standing first.