I'm so bad I can't beat cr.HK :(


Hi there,

I’m really noob at fightning games and want to start to play more seriously. I play SFxt and SF4AE and spend hours and hours in training mode practicing my BnB and blockstrings.
But then I played vs real opponents and get destroyed, which is absolutely normal. But I didn’t lose vs combos and mix-ups, I lose vs retarded things I don’t know how to counter.

Here a my questions :

1 ) I don’t know what to do when I’m knocked down. Wake-up shoryuken (unsafe) ? Grab ? Roll ? Spamm cr.LP ? I get destroyed by 5 Ryu/Ken players alternating between cr.HK and grab. What can beat that strategy? I mean, it’s pretty much a 50/50 because if I try anything, I either get hit by his sweep or grabbed.

  1. How to beat a j.HK spammer? Is there any advantage of using any other jumping move other than cross-up ? I lost vs a Ken doing j.HK into either cr.HK or grab (I’m very noob).

  2. What to do against a knocked down opponent? I mean, I often get hit by a wake-up shoryuken when I try to cross-up with j.MK. If I try to bait their shoryuken, they often don’t do it and then I lose momentum.

  3. How can I punish a special move spamming Blanka? He always bounce on me and go out of range so I can’t punish it.

If you have any advice, don’t hesitate to post it, I really want to become a very good SF player and I will definitately do the things I must do to improve.

Sorry for my english and thanks in advance :wink:


You’ll get more tailored advice if you mention which character(s) you’re using in those games.


Luckily this is some pretty easy stuff to get out of.

  1. For this you have 2 options assuming you’re not going to try to move out of the way by walking or playing footsies.
    1a. On wake up, guard low and wait for your opponent’s move. Of course, you could eat an overhead, but you just need to learn to block this properly on reaction. To avoid getting thrown, learn to tech properly. All you have to do is input your grab command to tech throws. I recommend doing some training sessions to figure out the timing on this. Don’t mash it out as you’ll just get counter hit. As for the sweep, these are usually pretty unsafe on block, so hop into training and find out how to punish these with whatever character you’re using.
    1b. If your character has a good back dash, you can back dash both. If your opponent is pretty good and thinks you’re going to do this, you might get os-ed into another knockdown. Chances are, though, that someone who is applying the strategy that you mentioned, wont be capable of doing this.

  2. Beating any jump in is as simple as finding out what your best anti-air normals are. Using cross ups and non crossups are simply mind games or damage output differences. You gotta decide what’s best. There are also several moves that can look like crossups but at certain ranges aren’t and vice versa (read Sakura).

  3. Shoryukens aren’t really that damaging. Train your opponent early on to not do them when they don’t have the meter to really capitalize on them. Intentionally taking a few in the beginning of the round to figure out when theyre going to do it works for me. Then you can start baiting them out and perhaps make them too scared to do it. At that point, you can start applying high/low/throw mixups depending on who you play as. Alternatively, there are ways to jump in on a grounded opponent where you’ll be safe. It’s hard to learn and the timing is tricky, but look up some "safe jump in " options for your character.

I’m by no means a pro and there may be better advice out there, but I hope this helps.


Thanks a lot for you answer, liero116 :wink: I will train my anti-airs and backdash ! By the way, is it possible to tech throw in reaction? I thought it was only doable when you know he’s going to do that.

I play Evil Ryu in SF4AE and Hwoarang/Alisa in SFxT. I know Evil Ryu is pretty low tier, by I don’t really care as I’m in love with his first alternate costume :smiley: Also, I like “unplayed” characters like him. Hwoarang seems very powerful. I mean, his blockstrings are retardly good, but I still need to improve my footsies A LOT.

Another question :

  1. What move has the priority when you’re knocked down and you pick up? I mean, I heard that sometimes you can mash cr.LP, but cr.HK beats it, grab beats it and a jump-in beats it. What’s the point?


You shouldn’t be mashing lp on wakeup (you shouldn’t be mashing period). You’re just going to eat whatever they try to hit you with. When in doubt, block.


Yeah, seems reasonable, thanks ;).

Also, what to do against very offensive players? I have a lot of troubles against light attacks spammers like Rolento or annoying blockstrings users like Hugo. Also, I have a strange problem. I often win vs. better players (4-5k BP), but I have a lot of troubles with low level players using Ryu, Ken, Kazuya, Heihachi or Jin.I mean, they spam the same combo over and over again and it seems I can’t start my own offense without taking a hit.

I really don’t know how to deal with heavy pressure and how to start my own when my opponent is on the ground. My cross-up never seems to work as I get hit by something. Do someone know how I can “safely” begin a blockstring with Hwoarang and Alisa?

It’s annoying because my execution is pretty good, I can get tight links pretty easily and execute the flamingo offense with Hwoarang with ease, but I simply can START it :frowning:

Thanks in advance !


Yeah, don’t ever mash anything.

I’ll admit that my primary weakness in any fighting game I play is combos. I’m not great at big ones and I have some trouble hit confirming. However, my defense is spot on and I’m very patient. I also have a very very high breaking point. I’m able to hold my own against a lot of skilled players because of this.

To fix your issue with losing to the low level players that mash weird stuff out, you just have to be patient. Wait for an opportunity to punish the dumb stuff they’re doing. It really is as simple as that. Being able to do combos is great, but having a good defense is probably more important. At least I think so.


Will you add me? Maybe we could battle and I will tell you what you are doing wrong and some suggestions you could to to make your defense better.
XBL GT = Hocd



Play against the AI. It doesn’t replace playing against other people, but it’s a safe environment to make mistakes, figure out spacing and movement.
Also try other characters. I think it’s helpful to play a simple character when you learn a game. You don’t even have to learn big combos. It’s more important to learn when to block and when to attack.


Be patient!!! Quickly!! lmao

But seriously that whole jump in and then either throw or sweep… don’t lose to that. Lesson 1 is just friggen block. To beat you using only jump in tick throws… they would have to throw you literally 20 times right? That’s pretty unlikely to happen I would guess… …so if your forced to choose (guess) then block… don’t mash tech… b/c if you get swept (or some other combo for that matter) you are going to take more damage AND likely be knocked down to go through it all over again in a moment. So again… if you aren’t sure… BLOCK.

Also when someone (all scrubs all the time) are about to jump in on you (since thats pretty much all they do) don’t predict and preload a guess like IMMA WAIT… BLOCK HIGH… THEN TECH OR MASH WTVER… …NO! Don’t do that!!! If you know they will jump don’t stand their waiting to receive their turd of an offense. Instead… gasp… dash out… walk back or under them… ect. What scrubs don’t get is that jumping in on someone can be a free mixup on YOU… no just on them.

If I predict your jump and dash or walk under you as you come… and you tried to j.hk me in the air… your trip guard is now active and I can low short your into extreme pain. THIS is what you really want to do. Blow their nuts off for doing stupid shit. If all they can do is j.hk into throw or sweep… and you eat beefy chunks of their lifebar every time they attempt to jump at you… well… you won’t lose. Even if they saw you dashing and didn’t j.hk in the air as a result… you still just crossed them up… which is pure turnaround for what they intended.

Oh and the other thing is either don’t play online (b/c 1% of online players are actually attempting to play street fighter instead of jump around mashing special moves fighter) so beating them wont really help you… and you can lose to them b/c of frame lag/latency and shit if you are trying links on them which just blows you up mentally…


Wow thanks a lot for all your answers ! I made another thread which explain my problems against some characters. If you guys know how to counter Dhalsim, Rufus, Blanka and Guy, don’t hesitate to give some advice. I know I should work my fundamentals, but I really can’t have a proper gameplan against those characters.

I hate playing “easy” characters. In every game I play, I always try to play the most difficult and rewarding characters. I prefer exponential learning curves to sigmoid ones. I tried Ryu, but his gameplay is boring to me. But yeah, you’re probably right, I shouldn’t do that, but I’ll do it anyway :wink:

I play on PS3 and my pseudonym is RosariusEU ! Thanks a lot for your proposition !

I live in Switzerland, which has pretty much no FG community :frowning: My friends are MMO and RTS players, so I’m forced to play online -_-


If you HAVE to play online… find friends and play with them. People you know are actively attempting to learn and use good strategy against you.

If you really want to play randoms… give them no room to suck. Literally half way through round one I’ll drop out… winning or losing… if I see the other person truly has no concept of the game. Why should I play against dp mashin/jump back fireballin/jab mashin ryu? Serves no purpose at all. No satisfaction from victory AT ALL.

If they send you a WTF msg after you leave… just give it to em strait. Say “hey to be honest you aren’t very good and I’m looking to improve. I’ll just feel pointless when I beat you… and if I lose I’ll want to kill myself… so I’m just avoiding that… sorry (p.s. go to srk.com to get better).”


Hey add me, I’m still pretty new, but I’m actively trying to improve and play on psn too, also Im located in europe, so the connection should be good.

My PSN name is : Armagedron


Hey to be honest with you man, I think the best way to get better at this game (besides experience) is to find your favorite player that mains your main, on youtube, and study his tactics. Not only is it effective, it’s also fun and fascinating.


I tried, but nobody plays Alisa :frowning: I get some nice Hwoarang tactics thanks to some posters here and youtubers, but I have NOTHING for Alisa.

I will add you tomorrow, I’m too mad to play now because of Alisa’s poor anti-air.


Isn’t Alisa only out for a few weeks?

Btw I play mostly ae hopefully that isn’t a problem, though I still own sf x tk so I can play both but I’m probably better at ae