Im so frustrated someone help -.-(SSF4)

k so 2 days ago i got super street fighter 4, and i decided tto take up deejay, and he was great, i was getting massive win streaks, then i get c + rank, movin to B, and this is when all the hadoken spammers come, the akumas, the kens, ryus etc, of course there were those ppl who were just really good ,better then me, but those spammers ooo my god they are anoying, i just lost like almost 1k PP because of the hadoken spammers i dont even know what to do anymore, been trying to beat these anoying spammers, and before u say anything its not zoning, its just straight up spam, ocassional grab, hard kick…so anyways what should i do should i just take up a new character or what?

I don’t use Dee Jay but the match ups thread in the Dee Jay section should help shouldn’t it?
The one time I used Dee Jay, I only found out that his EX double kick and Sobat Festival Ultra goes through fireballs.

k thnx, but i wanna main a different character, what do u suggest to punish spammers? o and i forgot about sonic boom sweep kick spammers.

You can punish spammers with any character provided you know how. Go to the character forums for whatever character you decide to main and ask there. We can’t tell you what character to play, you have to choose. I could tell you to main Dan because he has a great personality or because I personally feel he counters spammers fantastically, does that make him a good choice? No.

If they actually are spammers and you aren’t just getting zoned hard, you can easily jump in knowing they are going to just spam fb. That is, if they actually are just spamming.

If they are throwing out FB’s then getting you when you attempt to jump over they aint spamming they are conditioning you to do exactly that. If you keep falling for it it doesnt matter what character you use you will be beaten everytime.

You just got to learn how to avoid them without leaving yourself wide open.