Im sorry I am totally lost and need serious help. I dont even know where to post!

So I would say I am very ignorant when it comes to electronics but I have a Step Father and a Father that are both Electritions. So having said that I want to buy a tek innovation plexi shell and then put the guts in it myself. I just dont know what to buy to put into it. So I will tell you what I want to do and if you can tell me what i need or am missing that would be great.

So I am getting the plexi tek case and I want to duo mod it.
Seimetsu Clear white buttons.
I want a 4 way Sanwa gate and Joystick
but other than that I dont know where to get the brains and what not for this stick
if anyone can give me a list of guts that would be amazing.
I also want to make it light up but i think the one post alone for that would be sufficent. Thanks.

For a dual mod custom most people are using the PS360 nowadays, which is sold from several vendors. It support PC, PS3 and Xbox360 on the board and uses screw terminals making the setup easier. You’ll also need wire, quick-disconnects and a USB cable. I haven’t worked with a Tek case before but from pictures it appears it accepts a Neutrik connector for the USB cable so might want to get one of those too.
I hope that helps a bit.

Ps360 should be like ~40 dollars but it’s solderless and it works for 360 and PS3 as well as PC.
You will need wire, should only be a couple bucks, but it’s best to get at least 2 colors so you can easily tell which one is the ground.
Quick disconnects, will make setting this up much easier, and should be less then 10 for a 100 pack.

TEK case accepts Neutrik jacks, just make sure to specify it when you order. Also, for a neat trick, the width of the plexi is just about right for flush mounting the Neutrick behind the acrylic.

Here read this,
Make sure you also read slagcoin as its pretty much required reading around here.

There are a number of sites you can order from, many do represent them selves here on SRK
I prefer Lizard Lick, but you should choose the online store that serves your interest and area the best.
Example if you live in Europe would be a better choice than Lizard Lick.

Where can I get a PS360, I wanted to grab a few but they don’t stock it on LL and it looked like it was sold out on Akihabrashop.

Akihabarashop said they’d have more next month. Focusattack also carries them. Those are the 2 stores that I know that carry them that come to mind at the moment.

To summarize:
24mm buttons
30mm buttons
ps360 PCB
wire (2 colors) for buttons
wire harness for jlf
quick disconnects for buttons
usb cord

Make sure you specify your “front panel” with Art. With the parts above (PCB, Nuetrik, etc. ), I assume you’ll need to configure it: 24mm start, 24mm select (left config) and neutrik, 24mm HOME button (right config).

Have fun!

As for the LED mod, this should be a good read.

Ignore. I just started reading slag coin and its amazing.

BTW Thanks alot for everyones help. Lol i feel like im reading a foreign language when it comes to this stuff.

So i cant find PS360’s anywhere so I was wondering if this would work.

The MC Cthulhu would work but if you want it too work with a 360 you need a 360 pad to pad hack it too the cthulhu. ohhh also you would need to get the IMP board.

You do not have to get the IMP, you can substitute a DPDT switch, rocker or toggle would work. Imp would make it where you change with a button press instead of flicking a switch.

ohh snap I forgot about that but then again I never tried MC cthulhu cause by the time i was about to get it the Kitty came out lol.
anyways Schmidtnurface good luck if you do get the Chulhu.

No point buying the MC version if all you want is a PS3 and XBOX 360 dual mod. Get this instead.
Or since you already waited half a year, wait a little bit longer for the PS360+.

Available now is the paewang revolution pcb from It is a bit more but should do the trick.

Does anyone know any coupons for lizardlick?


solderless, from reading about it you have to solder?.