"I'm Sorry..." - It's been a great ride guys!

Tears in my soul as I write these words.

It’s been three LONG years since street fighter step-kicked and mixed-up its way into my life and I have to say that all this time together this game has taken me on some wild rides, it has taken me traveling to places that I would never gone, I’ve met friends, enemies and even took some peoples money here and there :slight_smile:
however, I’m sad that I’m here to announce that it’s finally time: Evolution 2013 will be my final SF endevour

BUT this last hurrah will be the one to remember,
I will step kick and command grab the crap out of everybody I see and will take their money and a very french gentleman like manner for you guys and for Abel!
Wish me luck in representing our beloved french man one last time:)

As a goodbye, I’d like to give Shoutouts to all the players that helped me over the years develop my skill in the game and/or in helping me understand Abel and becoming the Killer that I am today
o Rico Suave o
801 Strider
Nah Frenchie
Xsk Samurai
Andy OCR
The fellas from my local Alex’s arcade
and a whole lot more!!!

I’d also like to give shoutouts to the SRK regulars who have contributed or still do and whom I have enjoyed sharing this forum with
Bunsav Those unblockables are hella cheap :wink:
Angry Abel
Wrath of Abel Carlos, it’s been a while since we’ve played together
and countless others.

You’re all my Abel brothers and it’s been a great pleasure in playing Abel with you guys.

Big shoutouts to HFZ,
Been here on this forum with you for the entire time I’ve been playing this game and I wanna thank you for being awesome.
With the ups and down between us, I think I’ll remember you more than anybody else from SRK.
You’ve been Consistently talking and sharing tech and ideas on here for years and nobody really ever takes the time to thank you
so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you’ve done for me and everybody here
thank you, this forum wouldn’t be the same without you

Take care man, my only regret is that we never had the opportunity to meet and shake hands :frowning:

To all my fellow Abel brethern,
Love and thank you all for fighting the good fight with me over the years in playing and representing Abel in all of his glory, for those of you who will, I wish you luck in continuing the journey and I hope to look back someday at the fgc and see more Abels making people salty.

and finally.
Although the Abel Guide never really recovered from the damage done from the update, I hope that my spirit will continue to live on within the words in that guide and I hope and take pleasure in thinking that it will continue to help those who play Abel now and new players down the road who might pick him up.

Alright Guys
Wish me Luck this weekend and I’ll be thinking and remembering you guys and this forum down the line
Peace guys




mai god. Dat Layton screenshot~~~

Sucks that you are doing this, but it is bound to happen to most ppl some time or another. Thx for your posts. Your’s and HFX posts are where like 75-80% of my abel knowledge came from lololol. Good luck at Evo.

Thanks for all the help, and best of luck. I’ll be rooting for ya at Evo!

One question though…what if you win it all? :slight_smile:

who are you…

Ah man sucks to hear but GL with all your future RL endeavors and best of luck at EVO. Take it easy dude.

I hope after a break you will still play the game casualy and for fun (as I am doing), I can understand that a tournament orientated approach takes a lot of time (for beeing only a computer game, which isnt generally accepted, and doesnt return as much as other hobbies do). At some age it seems to appear much and more meaningless, but its fun to play some maches here and there, if its not everyday and for hours.