I'm stagnated as a player! What can I do?


I have been playing SFIV since 2012 and I have always practiced, however I have been feeling like I haven’t getting better at all, constantly losing to players seemingly at the same level as I do, so I’m practically stuck and probably getting worse. So, dear Newbie Saikyo Dojo, what do you do when you hit a certain level and can’t progress as a player? How do you git gud or betta at fighting games? Sorry if you see this question often btw.


there is always something you can improve on, i too thought i had reached a plateau, but i just kept on playing and started noticing areas where i could use improvement, in sf4 and sfxt it was anti airing consistently and wiff punishing, tekken and kof i could certainly use improvements on my movement and spacing, although its what i would consider to be better than average, it could still use some work


You kind of left out all of the important information we might need to help you.

  1. how/what do you practice?
  2. how often do you play/practice?
  3. online or local casuals?


@BallTapper : Thanks, my friend. :slight_smile:

  1. Well, I usually just practice my BnB’s before I jump online.
  2. At least two hours per day after I come home from college.
  3. Online (gasp!). I’ve never played offline against strong people because the weeklies in my city happen too far away for me to go, and besides I would get bodied at my current level anyway.


There’s your answer, then - go to the weeklies and get bodied.

You’ll find everyone is friendly, you’ll get tips and advice, you’ll get better faster, and you’ll marvel at how different a game it is offline…


i can tell you practicing BnBs can only get you so far.

just about every single time ive seen a top player in sf4 training mode, they never practice combos. its all situations.

how do i get out of this common situation?
whats my best punish for this common scenario?
what button do i have that stuffs the other characters button?


anyway, pay more attention to your losses. try not to chalk them up to general reasoning like i dropped combos or he was random. instead be specific. what did i get hit by? why did i get hit? how can i avoid getting hit by that? the more specific the better

then take it to training mode and try to figure out and recreate some of those situations and work on some solutions


That is probably true, however I stated I can’t go, I would love to but it’s just too far away from my house, like, “other side of the city” away.

@HNIC Mike Any training routines you would recommend? I have no idea on how to start.


When I got stuck in a rut with Juri (got to level B then lost 1k points and couldn’t get back to 5K) I switched characters, played them all to level C, got a few to level B, then went back to Juri and just today got her to 6K. Gave me a better understanding of the game and an understanding of the whole cast.