I'm still terrible at this game after >1000 hours, wat do?


I’ve played this game for well over 1000 hours. That should be more than enough time to get ‘good’ at it, but I’m currently on 1300PP, which is very poor (the highest I’ve been is 2500PP), and I find myself losing to most players I encounter online. But that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that I find myself unable to do even basic things which I know I should be doing in the course of a game. E.g. I was just playing this Bison and for my character (Sagat) the best strategy is (apparently) to zone him and punish his jump ins and stomps. I.e. if you see him jump you TU and if you see him stomp you jump back fierce. But I’m playing this guy and he’s jumping and stomping all over me and I wasn’t able to punish him once the whole game. I could see what he was doing just fine but the necessary inputs just wouldn’t come out. That kind of shit happens all the time, but it’s not just that. I often also mess up simple combos (e.g. Sagat’s BnB: c.LK, c.LK, c.LP > TU) in-game even though I can hit them 80%+ in training mode. Plus I suck at footsies. It feels like every time I press a button in footsies my opponent is one step ahead of me and hits me during startup (I suppose this basically just comes down to me not understanding spacing).

Anyway, point of this thread is to find out whether I should just give up or if there’s hope for me yet. I.e. after 1000 hours if I can’t AA at least somewhat consistently and play footsies with at least some competence, it’s time to hang 'em up, right? I would post some footage of my play to get feedback if I thought it would help, but what’s the point if I already know what I’m doing wrong but am unable to change it? Also, any tips for breaking bad habits, such as not AA properly?


Play Ryu, he’s easier than Sagat (light attacks chain) and everything you learned about Sagat applies to Ryu. Do you use training mode properly? If you’re having a hard time anti-airing with shoryuken then record the dummy jumping at you at inconsistent times for 10 seconds and then practice reacting to the jump. Try not to buffer or predict the pattern of the jump, just practice doing the motion quickly on reaction. Eventually you’ll recognize the patterns in the dummy, then record another series of jumps.


I didn’t read your post but…

…the game is basically unplayable online. Very little of what is discussed on this forum applies to what you will actually experience when you play with delayed inputs. Run lag tactics if you want to win.

You can choose Honda, Blanka, or Balrog and probably have a 90% win rate with no effort. That is the online game.


how to fix all problems you described:

start an offline scene


practice 1000 more hours DUH

1000 hours is only 41 days. so youve only been playing the game a little over a month, and you’re wondering why you aren’t good at it yet?



If your getting beat with the same stuff over and over, sounds like a lack of MU knowledge which isn’t all that dependent on skill, just time with the game and research. So at a minimum you can level this up even if the execution still stinks to high hell.

FWIW, Sagat is a VERY, VERYYYYYY advanced character in this engine anyway. Ryu FTW


Try other characters but not necessarily Ryu, and why do people always recommend Ryu and not Ken? Or Oni and Evil Ryu for that matter?

You have a lot of choices for shotos.


Hmm… replies got me thinking it might be worth giving it one last shot with Ryu. The character I played before Sagat was Akuma, another high execution character. Maybe I need to try a character that’s less execution-heavy.



Stop measuring online play as any sort of indicator of you “being good” at this game. Are you kidding me? Playing
1V1 fighting games over a lag-insured wire is ridiculous. Stop it.



Take a step back and look at exactly what you’re doing in a match compared to what you see top level players doing. Also, don’t take online too seriously.


Do Cocaine


i’m at 1300 hours and i’m starting to see progress. Master your uppercuts from crouching back position. the way I did it is using ryu’s medium hurricane kick and just duck under it and try and uppercut it with all meters on so super does not come out, if you are using ryu. Don’t give up on sagat but try out some other shotos Ryu is pretty easy to learn. and he’s powerful. also practice uppercut reaction speed by choosing blanka or honda or something and record the dummy to do the ball or head butt and just practice uppercutting it from bothsides and stand as close as you can and try to inch forward and see how close you can get. your speed will go up. Sagat does have a 5 frame though so you might have to do things different but same concept. and then just practice your links. if you have a stick plinking is a must. It jsut takes a fuck load of time man. my gamer tag is Danky Foot I play on xbox we can spar sometime.


I didn’t bother reading your long post. I just read the title. My suggestion is to focus solely on enjoying yourself when you play. Caring too much about winning will ruin any game in life.


I felt guilty about what I said so I read your post. My answer remains the same. I played bad in the past because I cared so much about winning. I understand everything you said and I went through it. It may be hard for you to accept but if you can truly stop caring about winning and more about learning and having fun while you learn, these things that seem impossible can become easy to the point of second nature. Also, don’t be afraid to figure things out for yourself or find what works for you, even if it’s not how the pros do it. Lastly, accept that you will most likely lose all your battle and player points in the process of freeing yourself of the burden of needing to be good at this game.


heh, i saw the title and immediately knew you were talking about SSFIV. i had the same problem because it was my first competitive fighting game. i played it the way i wanted to play it, which wasn’t how it should be played. i had my own little technique that worked against some players, but my online win ratio was about 45%.

now that i’ve played other fighting games, i understand this game more. i’d probably be really good at it if i went back, but there’s just so much stuff that makes me not want to.


I just came here to make this same exact thread. Been playing since day 1 for the vanilla PC version. Bought a PS3 when super came out so I could continue playing. I don’t think I’ve improved at all over the past year and a half. I’ve been stuck at this frustrating level of mediocrity for so long now. I figured when I made the thread every one would talk about how online sucks and all that, and they did in this thread. But online I fight a lot of people who are extremely good and are able to be good in an online environment. I’m stuck at this point where I lose to people who are clearly good at the game and I still manage to get beat by random scrub shit. I’m also plagued by this problem where NOTHING that any of my opponents do works for me. My DPs just tend to get completely stuffed, I can never tech a throw, etc. It just sucks to be stuck like this and I want to improve, but I just have no idea what to do.


If its any reassurance you busted my sagat pretty bad yesterday on psn dhocke, and Ive been trying to improve for a while too. From my perspective you brought some tricky stuff to the matchup, hard work and persistence will always pay off.



you have to read this book, changed my gaming skills and leveled me up greatly https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30414642/footsie%20guide.pdf


Looks interesting but I could have done without the bible bashing out of nowhere at the end.

I’ve been playing Ryu for the past few days and it’s true what several of you said: he really is easy to use online. He’s got a low-hitting frame trap combo that is almost impossible to screw up (c.LK, c.LP, c.HP > tatsu) a simple but damaging punisher (f+HP, c.HP > SRK), a simple but effective zoning game, great options on wake-up and great footsie tools. I think I’ll stick with him for a while. My endless/ranked winrates are 40%/50% at the moment, so I’ll check back in a few weeks to see if they go up using Ryu.


Honestly, if you’re still that bad at the game with that many hours played, it’s an issue that is beyond the game itself…there’s really no easy to way to break it to you but maybe your intelligence or ability to process information is lacking. Not everyone is capable of becoming good even with a lot of practice…some people just hit an unsurmountable wall.


Because Ryu is more flexible and stronger than Ken. Oni is gimmicky. And I’m not sure about E.R.

Sagat’s advanced in every game, except CvS2. Even in ST, he’s not a mindless “Tiger spam” character like people think he is.