Im stuck in limbo :/

hey boxer players this is my first offical post on SRK…so anyways i picked up boxer a few months back after geting some really helpful information and i have to say its a real thrill to play with him, but it seems that im stuck in a place where i dont really suck but not really geting any better… any way u guys can help.

you’re going to need to give us a lot more information before we can help you. where is it that you’re falling behind? what is it that’s causing you to lose?

Agree’ing with above - Saying your stuck in limbo may resonate with a lot of people but those who feel jaded or ‘stuck’ with Balrog often get that way at different points so you’d need to be more informative.

I felt the exact same way, had even made many posts about it not that long ago (A month or two back I think - still ‘kinda’ feel the same way I did back then but in all honesty I broke down most of the wall infront of me and have improved a lot since) - Difference is I produced movies so that people could see just exactly where I was (at casual level at least - I’m no pro-SF4’er and never aim to be, but I would like to think I can take the time to better myself and get to an acceptable level of play despite that) and said movies help give people the general information they need to be able to offer advice and critique.

Not everyone makes movies but they are a massive help, though most if not all things can be explained via text as well so you should start by digging deep and really highlighting what you feel holds you back.

Since I hit a rut where I felt I was just plain ‘stuck’ at the same level I hit SRK to seek advice.

*Got my game critiqued heavily in the “What Went Wrong” Critique thread with movies.
*Started making an effort with other characters (In my year of SF4 I have played as Balrog for 98% of my games… Literally) - It may not help you with your Rog but it does help take a break from it and try to reapproach him later on with a clearer/broadened mind.
*Got more picky with my opponents - As an exclusive Online player, I don’t really have a lot of options when my friends list is offline or busy other than Arcade Req or Championship Mode - That doesn’t stop me prioritizing and organizing matches against people I KNOW I’ll either a) Have a lot of fun playing against and/or b) Will learn something from - Both together is a big bonus. Going it solo/randomly is quite depressing.
*Hit the training room and train train train - If I wasn’t in there to train I was in other Modes trying to have fun and learn, such as my latest movie where I sat down and adamantly stated I wasn’t leaving until I customized and extended on all Hard Trial modes (Custom Combos but in Challenge Mode) - It helped my execution and encouraged me to improve on things I was very rusty at, such as FADC’s, execution and combos.
*Do your research - I hit a rut but the sad part was I feel I was just getting lazy - I knew exactly where I was and what I needed to do to improve but I felt I couldn’t do it - I’ve been playing on & off for quite some time and taken my learning a bit too slowly, but at least it’s one at a time and the improvement is steady rather than trying to overload - Reading the SRK advice threads (option selects, matchup tips, movie threads for inspiration and ideas etc) is always encouraging.

If all else fails, it often helps to just take a step back from the game, even if just for a week or three, so that you can come back with a clearer head and hopefully a bigger desire to improve.

I play on GFWL on 30FPS & Keyboard - I used to consider that a handicap but in all honesty I’ve adapted very well to it I think but I also think of myself the same way you do - I know enough to get by, but I’m not great, just stuck in the middle - In all honesty, given my playtime, style and choice of slow learning all 100% based on Online play, I couldn’t really expect it to be any better or worse than that - Just have to stick with it (if you really want to push the envelope) and never give up no matter what you think is holding you back - Eventually you’ll EX Headbutt that wall infront of you and break through it.

Funnily enough, just before I checked on here I had just uploaded another casual game between me and a certain someone I spar with very frequently - When we first played months ago we had a plathora of close, equal level matches and it ended up with us seemingly using eachother as a springboard to learn from - The bloke mains ChunLi but he likes to mix it up with all sorts of characters he’s learning while I stick to Boxer and use it as a chance to spar against someone who isn’t a jump/sweep spamming ChampMode idiot and whom I know will kick my ass if I slack at all, no matter who he’s practicing with - The joy of the recordings is that I can now review one of the fights we had from all that time ago and compare it to the recent ones - I don’t have to look hard to notice I’ve improved a damn lot since the older ones and it’s great for taking notes, but as someone who absolutely adores watching the pro Balrog movies, I know I’m absolutely nothing compared to anyone like that - That alone can be an inspiration [though some may find it intimidating or disheartening if they run too many comparisons].

EDIT: Was going to post a movie, but it’s kinda irrelevant to the topic.
I can see I’m doing so so, but I can also see all the stupid things I’m doing (Still can’t seem to shake my TAP Habit, or that of stupid unsafe jumpins or throwing out needless/unsafe pokes and eating focus attacks because of it), meanwhile he’s struggling to bridge the gap between his main character and that of his Subs - He used Ryu, Akuma, Ken, Chun, Bison, Rufus & Sakura against me for fun while I welcomed the mixed characters.

Are you able to record matches?
Do you have anyone on your Friend List you could bounce off of? Or better yet, someone to spar with Offline? (I’ve never played an Offline game before!) :frowning:

At the end of the day, everyone can tell you your flaws, but you’ll still need to make the effort if you decide to take the advice on board. Wish you luck dude, you’re not alone!