I'm stupid: Saturn to PSX/PS2 converter

Seeing as how I love the layout so much, I bought a new sealed Japanese Saturn Virtua Stick off of eBay. Naively, I thought surely there must be such a thing as a Saturn to PSX converter, but apparently not. The closest thing I found was this: the Mayflash Joybox 3-in-1 for the PC. But it’s sold out/discontinued and there’s no guarantee it’d work with the PS3’s USB ports, either. So I have two options: somehow find an adapter, or mod the stick. I suppose I could replace the Saturn PCB with a Hori FS3 PCB, and maybe replace the stick and buttons while I’m at it, but that’s a lot of work and I’ve never modded before. As a last resort I guess I could turn around and flip it back on eBay. Is there any hope?

Depends on how much you have paid for it…

I would search SRK for a good tutorial on “how to solder a PCB”, and mod the stick to work for the system you want to play on.

You don’t need to add an artwork, and repaint the stick, but replacing a PCB is not that difficult.

If you have never modded before, the Virtua stick is a very nice one to start with. It’s pretty simple to mod.

Really? I read another thread on here that said it was a hassle. Supposedly the buttons are the typical Hori 28mm, so the holes have to be enlarged, in addition to desoldering the buttons/soldering the new PCB.

Here’s a guide that notanoob81 did a while back. It’s the best tutorial ever! Check it out here.

Thanks for the link, but it didn’t really go into much detail about how he did it. Most of the pics detail the painting of it. It didn’t say whether he had to enlarge the button holes.

Most mods that you do you still have to enlargen the hole. For example I’m doing two T5 mods as we speak. One I already finished putting the buttons and the stick. What I did is I grabbed my dremel and dremeled out the tabs. Then I did two passes with the dremel and test fitted the button. With the two complete circular passes the Snap-in button fit perfectly. I’ve never modded a VS so I don’t know if the holes have tabs like the Hori sticks.

You do have to enlarge the holes.

He also relocated the joystick higher up on the panel.