I'm suffering from Ryu


Hi guys I feel upset that I’m writting this thread but actually I came into this because I started not to controll my anger, I’m suffering from Ryu againest Ken
Especially when he keeps on blocking my mods and he will stay doing nothing except standing and wait for me to make a mistake I guess we are here to play and to show how good player are we and how good we can manage to use to combo to make a nice fight, if you want to keep standing at the same position and doing nothing except waiting for the others to make a mistake don’t come online and play with us because we want to play with others, if you don’t know how to make the combo or how to use them play don’t play street fighter just play any other video game but coming and make us angry this is totaly unfair we are wasting our time playing with such a person like you, we are suffering from keep doing the combos and using the correct game pad just to make that happen and you keep standing and force us to jump and hit us

This makes me really angry and keep the game to be very long and I hate to play the game for too long I believe it’s my weakness but this isn’t fair and if capcome made the game this way change it especially you keep in getting new updates from time to time, I feel sometimes I’ll get a heart attach from this game we are here to have fun not to make others angry and suffer!

Please find a way to help me so I can punish all the players who is playing this way!


Please kill yourself or play Smash with all the other bitches.


It seems you are one of the player which doesn’t know how to play just standing and doing nothing except blocking and waiting for others to do mistake, you can’t attack because you know nothing beside hitting single botton, I would play your mother I have no problem, and I won’t kill my self I prefer to play againest you and if you win then will think if I want to kill my self.
By the way with my money I can’t buy people like you.
Don’t just on my thread and make me angry.
English might be my 2nd language but I know how to make people like you suffer
Have a nice day.


and if you wanna play againest me CFN EBRAHIMALQATTAN


Okay. Okay. I got some legit advice.


I came here to have advice not to have fun, go play with other kids which are at your age well I’m 38 years old maybe my son or daughter are at your age.
Anyway thanks for the advice it seems I better find my self a couch with my money better than jumping on forums and people insted of helping you making you to suffer more


You’d think somebody at 38 wouldn’t be a bitch that sucks at a game and asks others to play like shit too so you would have a chance at winning.

I’ll bite, though…
Do you happen to come from Europe so I can whoop your ass?

Haven’t played since May, but you should be easy to humble…


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Not proud to visit such a country that you are in thanks god we don’t need Europe you need us we don’t.
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You can come and play with my dick anytime you want like a stick you would like it more than what you have, actually you have nothing I forgot that you are gay wahahaha

The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth

Lol. You come here bitching about a player playing defensively and knocking you out while you jump around like a bafoon. Your opponents are playing Street Fighter, they’re winning in a fight.

If you just want to jump around, go play Super Mario Bros. If you just want to do sick combos, go play SFV against the training dummy. If you actually want to compete in a true match, then play online.


… sigh. Save the shitting for after you’ve given him advice on how to improve and he doesn’t take it.


Defensive play is the cornerstone and rock solid bread and butter of how streetfighter and most fighting games work. Fighting games aren’t about landing combos or even doing what you want to do. They are about WINNING. If your opponent is beating you, there is no reason for him to stop doing what he is doing because he is WINNING.

You are thinking like a scrub. Instead of bitching about his play style, see if you can come up with answers for how to beat him. There are LOTS of techniques for beating players that are overly defensive.

The most important and obvious thing to do is to just walk towards him a lot. He will have to stick out a move or something to stop you from doing this… and you can counter that.

And it only gets more complex from there.


I’m gonna add you when I get home and we can see what you need to work on.


I like him, we should keep him. Got some fighting spirit.



this actually made me laugh so hard. The insults were so random lmaoo


Please add me guys I need your help I don’t care if I keep beaten by someone who is better than me I feel sometimes there is something wrong with the internet connection which makes me loose or there is something like I keep blocking but I get hit, sometimes I feel there is something wrong with my controller or the driver or internet connection
I came here to express my feeling but at the same time I wanted to have solution but what I got from the shit head was making fun of me so I made fun of him he wanted to play this game he thought I can’t speak English because I’m Arab or maybe he thought because I’m a towel head, I just wanted to give him a warm lesson my next lesson is to play againest him and make fun of him because he think I’m idiot and doesn’t know anything about SFV I might play way alot better than alot of people and there are alot more people who play was much better

I don’t want to do mistakes I just want someone to tell me don’t do this again and again stop it and see the result
Do this don’t do that if it’s for a free I have no problem?
If it’s for money I don’t have a problem either, I wanted someone to make it easier for me I can beat some with Silver and some at my same level can beat me as well
Hope to make easy to reach my goal


Here’s a tip: Don’t go online thinking that just because somebody plays the game differently means they’re playing it wrong.

You having that mindset is wrong. If you want to get better, stop being judgmental of others and accept the fact that they don’t play for your entertainment. They play to win. And so should you.

You’re not going to get better at anything, until you realize that.

And cut this shit out. We don’t take kindly to threats here.


let me guess…turkey?


Thanks for the advice well I’m having issue with guile as well especially when he keeps on staying down and I keep on jumping on him, guys really you don’t get nervous or it’s only me
There is someone who is really a nice guy I don’t know him he keeps to inviting me everyday to his room and play online with him and he is a Super Silver higher rank than mine, I don’t feel upset at all when he keeps beaten me because he gives us time and way to learn but when I feel someone in my rank and I can beat others which are higher than my rank and some one lower than my rank keep beating me everyday and i know it’s because I’m missing something which I can’t do my combos as example because he doesn’t allow me to hit him this makes me very nervous insted of getting a solution some one jumped and said please kill your self wanted to make fun of me wanted to give him warm lesson so next time when I’m angry he doesn’t come and though a joke, I’m so funny and I like to laugh but when I’m so angry or mad I want support or solution someone to tell me what mistakes I’m doing exactly don’t do this again do this insted of that, what’s the problem if someone guide you to reach your goal

Anyway please add me online and let’s have fun and fight and learn from each other insted of fighting like kids
And I’m not Turkey but I love Turkey so much I’ve been there for like 10 times and after a month will go there, well I’m from Bahrain near Saudia Arabia over seas


Look up the leaderboard for West Asia region and add some friends from there too.

You can chat in the game and get tips too, for example if you message “I’m a beginner” they might offer some pointers and advice like “It’s cloudy” or “Bow down before my psycho power”.


ebrahimalqattan, you need to find a game that requires very little skill and zero competition. Good luck with that because anything called a game requires both. If you continue on your mindless path to self entitlement , you always be a loser in any game. Especially this one. Grow a set.