Im Super New and i have some questions


Ok so I just got this game for PC or is it the SUPER version Im not 100% sure…but the point is this is like my first fighting game EVER and I heard you can do a thing called buffering to make combos easier. My point being I really like this ninja girl person in the game (the one with the kunai I think is what they are called and she has a costume with the Mario raccoon tail) but she has alot of double half circle moves and I was wonder is there a short cut to those and well and other joystick movement. Because Ive been on Youtube watching alot of videos and they always say you can buffer this and that but never tell you how the hell to do it x.x

Like I know that for Ryu’s DBZ fireball thingy you can double tap DF and then punch to do it but I would like to know all the shortcuts to these joystick moves.


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ok thank you


I still cant find the half circle square gate movement tips im looking for :/…


We gon learn today:

So the “shortcuts” in SF4 have to do with how the game reads inputs, the dragon punch input is “forward, down, forward” but it doesn’t matter where exactly the stick goes so long as it hits those general directions. So when you tap DF twice and get dragon punch, what happened is
-First DF was interpreted as forward because it is technically pointed forward
-The motion is sloppy enough that it also includes a separate down input you don’t notice (you can boot up training mode and see that if you do two DF’s perfect the move won’t come out)
-The second DF counts as the last forward.

The half-circle motion you’re trying to learn is “back, down, forward” The forward DOES have to be precise (no down-forward or up-forward) but the other two can be anything that includes those so you could do down-back, down-forward, forward and it would work. There really isn’t a secret to doing double half-circles you just have to do them, but you get a little bit of leeway for sloppiness because of this stuff.


Ok thank you Very Much this helps alot


GL Mate. I recommend not taking “match up” advice here. Also do not take after the player named “White Gun”.

GL again.


What?? White Gun? who was that person?


Pick Guile and learn basic spacing. You can also pick Ryu and learn the mechanics. Get 1 or 2 combos with them down and then move on to Ibuki. She’s all about timing, and execution for her advanced stuff can be difficult, I really doubt you’ll be able to hit confirm to do her combos. Play her, but also play one of the guys I suggested. You need to learn fighting games over all. Ibuki is really difficult to do that with.


Since you mentioned it in OP, buffering is pretty much just loading up the motion for a move before you are able to, or need to use it. For example, when playing a charge character such as Guile since the guy above me mentioned him, you can do jumping heavy kick, crouching medium punch, and then cancel into flash kick. The trick would be to hold down back after you jump, and by the time you do crouching medium punch, the charge for flash kick is already ready to go. Hence you buffered a flashkick before you needed it.

Or like with Seth, if you have Ultra 1, the opponent is full screen, and you know they are going to throw a fireball, you could sit there mashing quarter circle forward until they throw the fireball, and so when they do, all you do is hit all punches and the ultra comes out because you were buffering a double quarter circle forward. I dont recommend ever doing that because your average player wont go for it, but it is a possible scenario.

Buffering requires fore thought, and confidence that the move is going to be needed shortly outside of most combo possibilities. Don’t worry about it for now. Learn to actually play first. Though I answered any way because it’s annoying to ask question and not get an answer regardless of whether or not you can use the knowledge.


i thought Guile is a charge character. I thought they are hard??


Charge characters aren’t hard. They just require a bit more reliance on normals since specials are not instant. That said, Guile has pretty good normals, his Sonic Boom is nearly unpunishable even by divekicks, and his flash kick is a solid anti air, and light flash kick makes for a good reversal. The only barrier you really have to get past is learning how to charge, and when to do it(which is pretty much all the time). Other than that Guile is incredibly well rounded. Once you get charging down you cant really go wrong. He has pressure, he has mild zoning, he has an anti air, he has an overhead, and he has an air grab.

Ibuki, while fun, has some shit you wont understand for awhile. Like super jump cancelling and her kunai vortex.


Ok thanks. Ill just have to learn how to do charge attacks with a square gate joystick. hopefully its not insanely hard.


square gates make charging easier IMO, cause you can hold down+back easily. Also please don’t become one of the Ibukis that do random slides, and just mash HK. I really hate playing against those, even though they are free. If you want some top level Ibuki play, look up Sakonoko, his Ibuki is godlike.


I mean the slide is like safe on block if dont from max range. So of course im going to use it x.x