I'm sure you get a lot of threads like this


As the title said, these are the newbie forums so i guess you all get asked for a lot of advice on picking mains? If there are other threads that have notorious and very helpful advice, may you guys give me a link?

I just wanted to know how the characters play out in style as in how they play out, such as rushdown, turtle,etc… I’m really new to the game, just messed around with every character. The thing that makes it hard for me to choose a character to main is that I like many of the characters. I like Abel, Blanka, Cammy, Chun-Li, Guy, and Ibuki. I found other characters like Adon, E. Honda, Rose, and Seth cool too, but I’m not even sure I’d use them.

I know it’s a lot of characters but any guidance, descriptions, information would be very helpful. Thanks in advanced. Fightclubber.



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Yeah Kelter Skelter did a fantastic job of outlining the basics of every character for you. I highly recommend his guide.


I dont get why nobody has offered to sticky that thread. Someone should post in it every few days to keep it on the front page.


thanks. I appreciate the link.


It’s a bad thread and will never be stickied

Also everyone hates me now because of it


Gonna check out the link as well. Just started playing SSFIITHDR a whole lot, only reason I’ve been playing as Fei Long is cause he’s bruce lee.


I have this problem also and i did see your thread but i just can’t pick one >.> i always change it or playing someone else


Kooper is really busy right now I think. It will probably either get stickied or added to “zomg read all this shit” thread.


Why? (noticed that dan debate thing), because of that?.. either way I appreciated you’re main guide. I still haven’t chosen lol. Like ForumTroll said “I have this problem also and i did see your thread but i just can’t pick one >.> i always change it or playing someone else”, I am exactly like this. I’ve let myself get influenced by my friend who introduced me to SSF4, everytime I use random and I do well during the match against him, he says stick to him you’re great with that character, last time he said that and I said i wasn’t that comfortable using him he said he would quit if I changed characters again :/, he said I was too good with him to stop using him (being honest i lucked out the whole time i just predicted some jumps and anti-aired, etc…)


Read the part about why you should stick to one character. You just have to force yourself to stay with one character and the more you play them the more you’ll realize how much more you can do with them because you know so much about them. Learning a characters special moves and basic combos is only about 5% of what a character can do.

If anything you’re missing out on the fun of learning and executing the really cool setups that can only be done after you’ve played the character enough to get comfortable with them.

If it’s between a few then roll a dice or flip a coin then go to the character forum and go nuts.


Yeah, I saw that part, if i remmeber correctly it was named “Why you can’t have 7 mains”, right? I’m trying, I just want to stick to a fun character that I know I’ll enjoy and so far, I enjo all the listed characters, I know it seems I’m not going anywhere, but I am, I’m playing with friends and I’m switching between them to see which one I really want to settle with.