I'm surprised that there isn't a Sakura Ganbaru thread yet

It’s out.

You know you want it.

This historical manga created Karin Kanzuki for god’s sake. Were this manga not made, Karin… erm… probably would have been thought up anyway… (Come on, if you’re going to have a young female Ryu, you need a Ken and a Sagat to go with it and Karin has aspects of both in her relationship to Sakura).

Also, this manga features guest appearances from SF1’s Lee (who Sakura beats) and Final Fight 2/Capcom vs. SNK 2’s Maki Genryusai!

All in all, it was very enjoyable, but (and I hope someone from UDON reads this) I think Sakura Legends was better!

I didn’t start a thread yet because I haven’t finished reading it lol. On top of that, I like the SF Zero/Alpha manga much more than the Sakura one, always have - the SFZ work is my fav of Masahiko Nakahira’s works.

It’s pretty good though but Udon made a few typos in the book and I wish that wasn’t the case. I got passed the Maki fight so I’ll talk about the book more tomorrow.

I felt the same way for Alpha volume 2 especially:

“You are weak!” you’re kidding me right?

“Sagat, my friend!” uh no

and Sakura Ganbaru! volume 1 so far:

“hang in there sis!!!” censored version, he talks much worse than that

Back to reading…

You sure want to say that? Sakura Ganbaru! isn’t through yet.

I like Ganbaru and SF Legends Sakura just about the same for different reasons. Ganbaru for action and better depictions of the characters of Sakura, Dan and Karin IMHO, Legends for comedy and the Skullomania cameo. Plus printing some of my questions in issue 4 gotta love that. :lovin:

Finished reading it by the way. I enjoyed Dan being taken seriously in parts and seeming stronger than usual.

Maki was nice as this may be one of the things that inspired Capcom to revive her character for CVS2 and SFA3/Z3 ports since they don’t seem to care about the rest of the cast of FF2 and FF3 ha ha! Also Maki’s appearance here may have inspired her being in the Hong Kong SFZ manga, which was also prior to CVS2 (and maybe another thing that added Capcom in deciding to bring her back, who knows).

I liked Karin, didn’t know she mastered that many styles. Really dug how noble and higher than thou she came off as even with losing. The story with her father in the end was priceless!

Of course it was great seeing Lee of SF1 and Damnd of FF heh!

Omar Dogan’s new cover was great!

It was pretty cool of Udon to include the pages where she met Ryu in the book I thought.

We see some more pics of the Korean comics Udon is going to translate. Ah, they all seem girly but I’ll at least buy the first volume of every one to check them out and keep an open mind. I mean, the main character of my favorite anime and manga Rurouni Kenshin looks like and sounds like a girl, sooo… :rofl:

While not my favorite of Masahiko Nakahira’s manga I will say it’s worth picking up just to have the three works along with SFA and Ryu Final. And the excellent artwork and fight scenes more than make up for Masahiko Nakahira favoring Sakura a skooooch too much for my tastes by way of fights she wins and this will really come to play in the next volume lol! Anyway go check it out. :tup:


I dunno. Sakura Ganbaru was definitely a good read, I’ll say that.

I think I’ll defintely say that Sakura Legends was good enough to be considered a US version of that story.

I think I saw part of Ganbaru somebody had scanned nearly a decade ago…there was a short story with Sakura going up against the gang that had stolen her little brother’s Final Fight snes game, and beasting on this huge dude with Naruto-like whisker-stripes on his face. Is that in this book and if so, how much space does it take up (didn’t really care for it, despite loving Nakahira’s art)?

It’s in the book. First chapter or so, not much. It’s mostly Sakura vs. Karin plus Sakura fighting in a tournament where she fights Lee, Maki and Ken.

And those fights occur in just the first book?

Yep! A bunch of other fights in the second book.

According to the end of Vol. 1: Ryu, Chun-Li (In SF2 (or is it A3 X-ism?) garb, natch), Balrog, Zangief, Cam-- er, “Killer Bee”, Gen & Sagat show up in Vol. 2.

Also, I just threw up an article on Wikipedia, though it needs some help. I only did a characters section and a brief summary…

Chun-Li’s just in the SF2 outfit like she had in Zero/Alpha 2 as an option. Sakura Ganbaru! was out prior to SFZ/A 3.

:smacks head:

Oh, duh! Of course Ganbaru had to come out before A3 or Karin wouldn’t be in it…

Anyway, after the final volume of RYU FINAL comes out, will all of Nakahira’s work have seen an english release?

Super Street Fighter II: Cammy
Street Fighter Zero/Alpha
Sakura Ganbaru

Is there anything else? Has Nakahira done other works because I really like the art style.

UDON should totally get him to do a cover of SFII when they get around to continuing it…

There’s a Sakura doujin that he did - his own fan made comic which is why it’s difficult to track down, no barcodes or anything, it concludes his Sakura saga. And a short 30 page or so CVS story of Kyo vs. Sakura (Shingo and Karin are also present) featured in Ultrajump Megamix Vol. One I think it’s called.

I believe there is one more SF related thing he did but I don’t remember the details. Um, vasili10?

Outside of SF he worked on the manga for Ultra Jump called Hakaima Sadamitsu AKA Sadamitsu the destroyer, his own original work. I’m not too sure but I think the manga is still going on. There was a 10 episode anime based on it which was released in the US a few years back, never seen the anime though, I’ve seen some of the manga in Japanese. Really good artwork like always.

Nakahira-sensei also did a separate chapter for Cammy Gaiden (SSF2 Cammy), which is found in a film book manga of the SF2AM, and I believe is found transliterated on cammyfan.com.
In between Cammy Gaiden and the Street Fighter Zero manga, he had a doujin circle going with several other writers and artists, the label known as Nakahiraworks. From this label two books came out with a little more SF material from him, Zero-Ichi (literally 01) and 80286. In these he did some cover art, some 4-frame shorts, a few pages of notes on characters such as Cammy, Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, and others from the view of his stories, and a Garou Densetsu story that looks to be a junction of inspiration for his take on SnH Ryu.
Dash no Chris said long ago that he also did a story in one of the commercially published Tekken manga anthologies. sano’s pretty much covered the rest.

I don’t like Sakura all that much, but this is a great book. It would do well enough as just a single volume, but there’s ANOTHER one coming out?! Man, damn. That tournament fighting was the shit! Anybody who read the japanese version: what fights are ahead? And when does it come out? Masahiko has always been the man. His fight scenes and character portrayal are sweet.

When will the next volume be out? Can’t say for certain. Fights are something like, going by memory -

next volume of Sakura Ganbaru


Gen vs. Chun-Li
Gen vs. Sakura
Blanka and Dan vs. Zangief
Sakura and Cammy vs. Zangief
Ryu vs. Sakura

I’ll have to look at the volume again and double check, but that’s about the gist of it.