I'm switching mains

What kept me from switching before was the fact that my Vega was easily my best character, and I was pretty decent with him. I took about a one year hiatus from the SFIV series, and came back for AE. Since the 8k bp that I earned with Vega in SSFIV no longer matters, and I’m pretty much garbage with Vega from the rust, I figured now would be the time if any, to switch mains like I’ve always wanted.

Any tips? I drop alot of combos pretty often. People bitch and moan all the time on how Yun is broken, but he’s pretty damn hard to play IMO.

not sure if trolling

Yun’s combo are fucking easy compared to claw ones. Claw’s combo are all 1-2f. Yun’s combo are all with ton of frame for execution (2f or more)

Pretty sure he meant he drops combos in general.

Vega and Yun playstyles are nothing alike, all I can say is better practice your combos cause you can’t just rely on your pokes and throws all day.

Right…and no I’m not trolling, yeah Vega’s combos are harder, but you can win without combos with Vega, by using proper pokes, spacing, and just basically understanding the basic fundamentals. And also some mind games. c.mp -> EX Barcelona does mad damage. If I wanted I could win the majority of my matches using that combo alone instead of all that flashy shit (which I did usually). But I hope my Yun journey goes well.

Yun’s standing MP is nice! :o

@PlatinumBD: If you can do flashy combo consistent, with Yun at least you can beast when opponent can be punished. At least 300+ damage each time, and max 454 meterless in the corner. Lol

I don’t know where you got the 300+ from but Yun’s normal punish combo is c.mp c.mp s.mp xx hk.dp, and that does not do 300+

have fun. i honestly dropped my old main ( juri ) just because yang superior to her. but the twins are cool.

Ah it just me. I was influenced by those FA lv 2/3, Ex palm, LP Shoulder, HP Lunge or those FA lv 2/3, Cr.mp cr.mp s.mp xx HK Upkick and HP Shoulder, HP Lunge.

Yeah…do you still play that defensive style?

Eh…after coming to my senses I realized that it’s in my blood to main Vega. I’ll be using Yun as a secondary though.

Always better to pick a character you flow with and enjoy than one who’s just really strong, IMO. :slight_smile:

Right…I love the freedom and speed of charge characters, which is why I’m especially natural with Vega. I also feel like I have a purpose…characters without charge feel so…“loose”…and unnatural. I do plan on learning Yun though, that little demon child, he’s too sick to ignore.

you still swaping mains ?

No. Im a pad user and his executions are a bit too much for me :frowning: He’s really sick though, wish I was good with him.

i was thinking of putting effort into him after 2012, i mess around with him in ae

after all those changes to him for 2012, how much different is his play/how good is he still going to be? I was going to start messing with him but hes getting so many changes idk

but some will say that its a coincidence that their favorite character turned out to be the strongest character, which is mostly bs
yuns are slowly disappearing after the news about the nerfs, already exposing the tierwhores

quick question
i want to main yun now too (or at least make him secondary after gouken)
and often miss cr.mp, cr.mp, st.mp, hard upkicks… sometimes they hit, most of the time they whiff… what do i do wrong? Or is it just random now? Oo
no good punisher anymore?

To start off with Yun i need good punisher moves… ^^

Hard upkicks whiff on some characters at some distances. There’s a list on these boards. I know they whiff on shotos so you use medium upkicks instead.