I'm Switching to Chun Li

Sorry guys, it’s Chun time!

Lame april fool’s day jokes ftl =\

Hey, that one sentence is like the best Q tip ever. Read between the lines!

“On the Character Select Screen highlight Q, then tap up and pick Chun. Your win ratio should go up substantially.”

Such a good tip, works for Alex too :rofl:

Wise choice

FUCK…that’s fucking genious.

Yeah, that’s actually pretty funny.


for me …if pick other chars…i lose
if pick necro i win more…stupid necro …i hate and love in same time …i know more about necro and play whit necro about of 95% of me matches … but i hate necro because i can’t win whitout him maybe only can win whit ken… but out of this i lose all time …
stupid necro …:rofl: :rofl:

It’s actually true. He was playing Chun at my house like last Tuesday. I say it fits his style (in 3S any ways) seeing Chun plays defensively like Q. Plus Chun can actually win matches. No offense Q. :lol:

Except Chun isn’t toptier like Alex. Chun would be tops if she had some of Alex’s intros.


Dood’s a G.