Im takin three requests


like the title says three requests just request ill tell you if i cna do it or not
if you have a specific pic in mind be courteous and plz provide it thnx
aight that is it so request away


heres an av request if its to crAzy let me know. ok, have yamazaki, and iori shooting dice with cammy off to the side shaking her head with bardinfalsegod at the bottom.


whoa that is too complex of animation for me man im not that good with animations yet i can make you an av with yamakazi and cammy if you wnat i just cant do all that crazy animations


thatd be cool!


here you go man i couldnt get yamazaki on there but if you wnat another av or something on this one changed tell me


I was wondering if you could help me edit this picture. It’s for a banner on my site.

Please take out the text from the pic and add in some SiN and Sephiroth somewhere but try and make it looke better than what it does. I’m horrible at art and any help would be the shit


im sorry i wont be able to edit that if i do it it will look fucked up on account of i dont have the original psd file


make me a WU-TAng avatar…have the symbol with my name somewhere on there…and different shades of red, preferable…dark red…

im outi



get me a pic of the symbol and ill get you an avatar with the symbol


thx! its cool im gonna use it for my av on ddr freak. thx again!


How about this one:

:: Please use the name Sephiroth in here somewhere ::
Anything in terms of X-men vs Street Figher or MvC 1 or 2 would be cool.


istill cant if i fuck with it if i do it would jacked


Can you please make me an avatar with cable on it in front and sentinel in the background and his eyes glowing or something cool like that. If you can animate it that would be dope but if not just make it non animated please. Put this name on it.



i got you gunslinger
p.s. bardinfalsegod i just realized that the animation is jacked on th av i made you tell me if you want it fixed




thnx man for the bump it looks like i walked into a b2k concert forum anyways man give me a couple more days and ill have your av done


Thats straight dude no rush.



aight i cant make the eyes glow cause my imageready is jacked up so it wont be animated is that cool??


Yo thats cool man animted or not I will take it:D



Bump just keeping this up top for him