I'm Taking 3 Requests



here are the rules.
no people avs.
nothing really hard.
give me a few days to make it.

well, make some requests already.

waiting list.
1.LyNks - storm, sentinal, link.DONE
2.TCG - Magneto, Sentinel, captain commando.DONE
3.Nikon - MSP.DONE



can you make storn and sentinal back to back or possing and put a pic of link sitting in the corner,a cool background that makes them stand out and my name of course…i’v asked for it from other people but know one has ever done it for me

thanks in advance


LyNkS. I can do that. check back here tomorrow.:cool:


fo sho…thanks a lot


Magneto, Sentinel, capcom?

Thx in advance.


TGC. got it. check back here in a day or two.:cool:


Err don’t forget capcom, or captain commando if u didn’t know. With my name, and cool backround. K thx.


TGC. I’m going to use captain commando because I’ve never heard of a character named capcom before.


capcom = CAPtain COMando


whua! I’ve never heard him called that before.:bluu:
anyway thanks for the info cham.:cool:


n/p… nothing personal… but you might want to work on your animation a little bit more… the level flash is cool… but its done way too much

just a pointer… might want to work on your bg’s and boarders a bit… your progressing but never hurts to experiment


yea. I agree that I do the flashing thing to much. that’s why I’m not doing for a bit.
and I’ve had lots of people tell me to do more with my bgs so I’m trying to spend more time on them. I’ll play around with the boarders and see what I can do with them.
thanks for the advice btw:)


LyNkS. yours is done.
I’m not crazy about link but it’s what you wanted so I hope you like it.:cool:

TGC. I’ll start on yours tonight.


i like it but can you chang the color of the letters so that its easier to see it


LyNkS. okay man.
pick the one you like best…:cool:

TGC. I’m starting on yours now. check back here later tonight.


TGC. yours is done, hope you like:cool:

I’m taking one more request.:cool:


:smiley: thanks a lot


your welcome:cool:


hey man thx a bunch, it looks a lot better than my work, which is plain and all, cause i don’t know how to use PS yet. Thx again.


Hey… I was wondering if you could do an MSP with a backround like chams or something like it. have it say Nikon in caps or how ever you prefer. Thx