I'm Taking 3 Requests



Here are the rules.
no people avatars.
nothing really hard.
give me a few days to make each avatar.

so, hurry up and make some requests.

waiting list.
1.rrehmann82 - Sagat


2.Jiorn - Ryu


3.monkeyspank - dudley











Here you go

I wasnt Sagat to be like a dark slate gray and the background to be a nice dark scarlet red blood color.


rrehmann82. that link is broken.:confused:


ok scroll down to the 2nd sagat picture

really subtle black fire/smoke would look really cool too along the bottom…


rrehmann82. this is the picture you want me to use. right?



Thanks in advance


rrehmann82. ok, got it. check back here later tonight.:cool:


rrehmann82. yours is done. pick it up at the top of the page.:cool:
one thing though. I couldn’t make Sagat’s skin gray because everytime I did it messed up so, I hope you like it.:cool:

anyone one else?


Um, hello.

This might be “really hard”. So if you don’t wanna make it then that’s cool. Especially since you’re doing these av’s out of the goodness of your heart. Anyway I would love an av of Guy. I want him running, while being scanned or something with digital readouts all over the av. I guess what it would look like if Terminator were observing him. I dunno.

Maybe he’s running in a black screen and green lasers come out and show data in green letters. The letters don’t need to be visible just little lines and dots is dope. I don’t really need my name on it but if you feel like it then whatever. Um, thanks for even reading this. Keep up the good work.

If not that then can you just take my current av (Forgot where I got that pic, sorry) and give it borders and just spruce it up a little bit?




Jiorn. there’s not way I’m going to b able to make the first av, sorry.
I’ll make the second one though.:cool:
but I’m just going to make you a new Ryu av because I don’t want to change the one your useing now. hope that’s ok.:cool:


Can i have one of dudley? My sn of course and whatever else!! Thanks.


monkeyspank. ok. got it. :cool:


Yeah sure. You’re av’s are pretty sick so whatever you decide. Thanks alot.


Jiorn. your avs done, pick it up at the top of the page.
I hope you like it.:cool:

monkeyspank. your up next.:cool:




monkeyspank. yours avs done. pick it up on the first page.
hope you like it.:cool:


your doing a really good job on your av’s pheonix:cool: …by the way…im having my thread closed…it sucked too bad…so im going to wait like another month before i get another one up…so ill be alot better…and then ppl will accualy request for an av maybe:lol:


check your pm