I'm Taking 3 Requests


Here are the rules.
nothing really hard.
give me a few days to make each avatar.

Now make some requests.

waiting list.
1.Harlem Heroine-soundwave






ok, I want an avatar. Here is what I want:

Ryu doing a hadouken, and ken parries it then Ken Jumps up and does a 99 hit combo, and then Wolverine comes out of nowhere and uses a super and Ken n Ryu parry everything. Think you can do that?:lol:


no I can’t make that, sorry.:cool:


you dissapoint me!:frowning:


:frowning: :bluu: :frowning: :bluu:


hahahah your to funny bud…



this and the empre adv


what? please be more specific.


is there a way that you can use the pic i put up and the empire adv(enclosed just incase) and make it like a flash,one the the other shows


Avatar request

Millia with a green backround similar to her color. A cool design and backround blinking Thnx oh yeah and put my name on it:D


Harlem Heroine. not trying to sound like a dick but, I still have no clue what your talking about. I don’t know what your asking for. so you need to tell me what you want, ok?

FlashMetroid. got it. check back in a few days.:cool:


ok…how about this,can you make the soundwave pic into an avatar then


:slight_smile: Thnx




Harlem Heroine. your avatar is done. I hope you like it.:cool:

FlashMetroid. your up next.


whos trying to jock my soundwave


thx for the av phoenix.

ummm dragon unless you work for takara then you dont own soundwave so :stuck_out_tongue:




can you make me an av of magneto with purple flames around him and have his eyes glowing thanx. ohh wait and have it say Team Decepticons and Dragongod


sorry bud. but I can’t make that avatar. sorry.:cool:

FlashMetroid. I’ll have yours done tonight.:cool: