I'm Taking 5 Requests



Here are the Rules.
Nothing really hard.
No Animation at this time.
Give me a few days to make each Avatar.

Now make some Requests.

Waiting List.

look at attachment.:cool:




Actually, i want your avatar XD… so if can make something similar, ill be happy to use it.


I didn’t make my avatar, Yushiro did. so I’m not going to take this request.(I don’t feel right making a avatar useing another persons unique style of work) sorry.
if you really want a avatar like mine, ask Yushiro. he might make you one, if your lucky.


Here is a couple avatars that I just made that are related to the AV’s that I have created for Blue Pheonix. I just recently read the thread and I’ve come to help. :slight_smile:


Here is the other pirotess avatar that I created. It’s a bit different with the crimson butterflies as well as the AV itself.

EDIT: I’m going to completely redo this Pirotess AV and replace it in a bit. The replacement is done.


Here’s yours, if you didn’t get it.


oh, so you did make it. sweet. I didn’t think you where going to so I got one from neroiscariot. but don’t worry, I’ll use yours too.:slight_smile: :cool:


i have a request for you…i want psylock posing and sentinal on the other side with his jaw dropped looking at her,like when throughs out his lazer…a cool background and my name…i dont know if this is to hard but if it is i’ll request something else


I like this av Yushiro, think you can make me one?


Yeah I’ll make you one. Do you want a different Pirotess AV or do you have something else in mind?


Travis: The avatar that I created for you is all done now. If you want something else besides this please let me know.

EDIT: It’s fixed now so it should be alright. Well I’m heading out of this thread for good.


It’s cool, that’s the one I wanted. Small prob though, the 160 x 60 by 160 x 60 rules. Image is too large, can you help me out?


That font color sticks out like a sore thumb.


lol, this is like bluephoniex/Yushiro. c’mon guys try to show some respect if u want to request something from a person who didn’t make the thread, do so by pm.



can u make the folllowing pics really fancy


make this one really trippy



Yo, thanks a bunch Yushiro!!