I'm taking over wnf!

Thats right, I’ll be at the next WNF, and I’ll be taking everyones money too. Wanna see what I’m about? Go ahead, I already made Omg Itz Andre my bitch.

WNF is next >=D

P.S. all joking aside, I’m really gonna win…


Okay! I’ll see you there the day after tomorrow!

Here is what this troll is about… Enjoy raping him everyone… LOL

Here: Best in the midwest!
Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmUnlZiLJyg&feature=player_embedded

Viscant vs. this guy. First to 10. Needs to happen,

hey mr moo what up my dawg

What riveting dialogue and rousing performance.

Just like a premium member to snitch. You guys are all a bunch of pussies. I used to think so highly of you, Arkayne and then you come out doing something like this. I am disappoint.

lol isn’t WNF on break?

Shh nobody tell him so this fool spends his grandma’s savings on a ticket to Cali

You just told him!

Red Envelopes everywhere!

LMAO man, some people.

WHAT UP MY BOOOI SYXX! Shiiit dude, just pissin kids off ya know? Making Andre hate me ya know? Being one with budowing and the trees ya know?

Lol man, my dickheadedness rubs off on people XD Idk if people realize this or not, but its just a game… Omg Itz Andre acts like I give a shit about him putting up crappy ass 80’s quality movies of me on his youtube… I know for a fact it made his ass hole saltier than an ocean that I did it, but dude, its really just a game… Get over it, I figured you out, therefore I’m better at said game, and andre, you got played bro… I planned on all of this happening, you just happened to be the dumbass that took the bait. Thanks for the good catch sir ;D

so are you gonna be on a stream so 15 thousand people can laugh at you or what


Aww : ( , I just didn’t want anyone getting too riled up over this guy being a troll.

Love you too. : D