I'm Terrible (At MvC3)

I’m not used to 2D fighters because all my fighting game background comes from a few 3D ones, and a casual base at that.

But since I’m bad at this game in particular, I’m looking for some tips on how to suck less and get to a semi-competitive point.

I’ve spent time in each of the modes (except Online Ranked) and have the basics down, but I still find myself repeatedly losing in online. And not just barely losing, either. I’ve played about 20 games and pretty much barely scratch one character to taking out one. (And only one.)

I’ve been in Training a lot, and trying to get some of the Missions down, but otherwise am absolutely terrible at this game.

And in case the question arises, characters I’m “comfortable” with using:


well when i first tried to play mvc3 for the first time i went to practise tried a few charecters, found the 3 i liked and practised them all for 8 hours in one day, went online and rocked everyone i went against.

i used

sentinal (rarely had to pull out the cheap bitch, i only had him because i didnt wanna learn another guy)

Play at least 2000 matches vs other people. I bet you will be ok at that point. Also just make sure you can end every combo with a hyper. Everyone sucks at a game at the ten game point. It takes hundreds if not thousands of hours of play at 2d fighters to be really completive. It took me about 700 games to get comfortable and I am arguably one of the top 5 or 10 giefs in the us in sf4.

But wat about teh resets and meter building? :open_mouth:

That’s high level stuff mid to low level players shouldn’t worry about either of those thing.

First things first is to learn the basics of Marvel. If you are losing alot online it meanse you do not have the basics down as yet.

The losses don’t mean anything while you are learning either. Just have to learn from them. This post below from Pieguy in the Iron Man section sums it all up

"Most of the OG’s from MvC2 agree that the most important things to learn first in marvel are movement and blocking. Execution is pretty brain dead easy in teh beginning cause you just run with c.l, c.m, s.h, s, sjc m, m, h, s, dash, l smart bomb xx proton. Once you understand movement and blocking correctly, you can work on more complicated execution (fly, dash, assists included) and start worrying about team choice, assist coverage, mix-ups, resets, etc.

Movement takes months or even years to learn well so don’t take it lightly. Some people never learn to block well."

This is some of the best advice i have seen for new marvel players movement and blocking are paramount, forget about the huge combos for now, try to learn consistent bnbs and how to control your character + defend properly, then you can start mixing in the complicated stuff

it’s going to take a lot of practice(unfortunately).

Well, I won an online game today.

So that has to count for something, I suppose.

i suggest you go play casuals offline with ppl that are better than you if thats possible. online is ass. and picking a character just reflects either on how you want to fight. or as keits says, pick you favourite character and make a team that will support him or her the best

No one is as bad as me at this game but at least now I understand the mechanics thanks to gootecks and Mike Ross.

Once I blasted their trolling with the excellent adventures but the MARVELous adventures is totally what I needed and they will be getting some donate buttons from me now. Check it out.

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