I'm the best that's ever been -wolf thread-


So I bought a new controller, watched a tutorial video, and mentally prepared myself for several ass-whippings.
I played about 20 matches last night, won 8 or 9 of them, got damn close on a few more. By no means did I play well, but I definitely did better this time. I’ll keep working on it, trying to temper my rage while I’m at it.

Thanks for the pointers guys, they did help, if you have any more, I’m all ears.


One of the most important things in this game I’ve found to be learning how to use your advantage and disadvantage. When you have advantage it’s your chance to press the attack, when you’re at disadvantage you guard, basic stuff right? One thing that helped me out a lot was watching my replays with the information display on, so I could find out when I was + and when I was -. Here are some situations that will happen a lot and how to deal with them:

First, off, one of the best ways to create a favorable advantage is off of a simple jab. On hit a jab is +5, this means if they try to press any buttons, they will get beat out by 4P (comboes, but duckable/steppable, will get beat out by 2P), 6K+G (mid but steppable), or HCB+P(catches step towards Wolf’s stomach). If they do anything slower than a jab or 2P, a 6K or 6P+K are both useful. Keep in mind that a few characters like Pai have 10 frame moves, meaning that you’re going to have to use a P;2P;3P mixup on them.

Once they realize that you’re beating them out on frames, most people’s second reaction is to guard. Once they begin to guard is when you can mix in your lows and throws along with the above. 2K (i16 low, -6 on hit), 62K (low, shakeable stun on hit) and your choice of throws.

If the opponent is a little bit wiser, they may try to step after eating a jab to avoid some of the above. This is when you start using your tracking and semi-tracking moves. HCB+P, 43P, KK, K+G, P+K. Sometimes they may backdash, and you can use 6K; 46P; 3K to catch them.

2P on hit and P on block are both minor advantages (+4 and +2 respectively), so you can use 3P or another P_2P as frame traps here and use the same stuff for step and guard.

Also, note opponents that try to use 2P to break out of anything, even at disadvantage. If they try to 2P after a jab string, 3P will stuff them if they are at -2 or greater. 9P and 9P+K jump over 2P. You can backdash and punish the whiff with a fast move like 46P; 4K+G. You can also backdash~crouch throw them out of a predicted 2P, but you have to be quick and commit to it. Wolf also has 2P+K which is a 2P reversal

But basically the game is about learning how your opponent reacts to situations, then punishing them. It’s very simple stuff, but you have to know what your tools are and what they beat in every situation. You have to play pretty basic at lower level, just because most newer plays just attack a lot, meaning you have to do dumb stuff like jab and 4P over and over and a lot of 46P whiff punishing. On top of some of the more frequest and basic stuff I described here, there’s also advanced stuff like 33~G which is a fuzzy guard to duck throws and block mids. This should give you a good start though.


Damn straight, though am I right in thinking Wolf has pretty poor lows? 2K with any character is going to give them the momentum, and 62K is risky, maybe better on CH against highs. Once P and 3P on advantage keep them standing, 9P+G or 66P+G are my most effective “lows”. Getting this kind of mindset together is much more important than discussing combos, which can really take the back seat until you get the flow down.

Nostalgia trip: Wolf in Fighters Megamix with his 3P+K from VF3, against any Viper giant swing into wall -> 3P+K = instant loss of leg armour. Miss that low…


2K is still good. It has good range and is a tech crouch low. Even though it doesn’t give advantage on block you can still step/BD or I believe RAW.

62K is nice after a lot of 3P. It’s i17 so it’s fairly fast for a big low and gives good advantage.


I still miss low lariat, wish Taka hadn’t stolen it away.


The loss of low lariat seriously makes me contemplate maining another character. Especially since frame trapping feels very dominate in FS


I dunno, now that Wolf’s 3P is 14 frames, jabs are overall 12 or 11 frames and he has 33P I feel that he’s a lot more solid in forcing respect.


also because im mostly forced to play online to :frowning:


Also, his range. Jesus. I played against a Wolf yesterday that I got hit with 46P every time I tried to move in.

IMO you have to play him real basic, then when they start respecting you, you can throw, 466P, [P+K] etc.


lol that move is like minus a whole bunch a frames when blocked…

Just throw if you block it mang…

I always stay baiting whiffs with crouch dashes and shit of that sort…


Yeah, that doesn’t work so well when it hits you.

Also, it’s -15, so most people get more free damage than going for a throw attempt.


Got another Wolf player here; I used to play back in VF4:Evo and getting back into it now. Crazy to see that stuff still works and what moves are missing. Really linking 3P to throw, and of course 63214P, even if it is gimmicky.


3k+g, 9p+k, 63214pp works well for me on taka players when theyre trying to outpoke me… hope that helps anyone


46p+k, p, 9p+k, 63214pp is a nice little combo if you can hit the launcher and it works on everyone except taka. if they dont tech fast and you can hit the follow up ground throw, its a 100 damage combo thats not wall dependant


Unicorn over at VFDC has gotten a combo list for Wolf started: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Auv6P6EHA8DadHhLUlFla1cyVktrRS13NVVuUkt6ekE#gid=0

This isn’t exhaustive by any means, but it’s definitely a great way to get started.

The thing to keep in mind with Wolf is that his moves aren’t super-safe and he has few strings to cover moves that are minus on block. If you look at something like PP6P, even the last P followup in that string is -13, meaning it’s punishable with most character’s PK strings. So it’s useful, but nowhere near as user-friendly as some character’s.

I don’t think his moves are slower than other characters now that he has 3P, but there are notable limitations to some of his tools. 4K is his 16f side-kick class move, for example, but it has shorter range than most. Conversely, something like screw hook (hcb+P) has great range and 14f startup, but leave you at -8, and 3P, which is also 14f, safe, and has great reach as well, but has no followups whatsoever. This means your defensive reads have to be very solid.

What counterbalances this is that most moves Wolf has lead to some ridiculous damage, a knockdown and/or have above average range. This tends to make the opponent freeze and open them up for the throw game. People who know what’s up are going to buffer in 6P+G, but in some cases this is not ideal for them as GS now only does 70dmg on fastest input, while F5 does 75. Burning hammer is a special case, because it executes 6(!) frames slower than other throws, while regular 6P+G executes in 9 frames, 1 frame faster than a regular throw. 9P+G and 66P+G are inescapable catch throws and can eat moves that execute after them (they execute in 20).

Anyway, those are some random thoughts I had while reading the thread. VFDC is a better place to go for info, but I can answer questions here as well.


Round 2 is almost guaranteed to give you a screw face.


…and that’s reason.#9818 why VF will always be the best.


Some people might list that as reason #9818 why VF is the worst. In fact if that happened to me I’d be pretty pissed off about getting pissed on. I’d be amazed but angry.


Shit could’ve been broken. VF has always been high damage, fast speed and awesomeness. No other series can compete on those fronts.

Vannessa player should’ve cancelled the evade or evaded again. That was just disrespect on the Wolf player’s part and it payed off, haha!


Staggers are your friend!

With my couple months of playing Wolf, I’ve learned that you NEED to mix people up, become predictable is a big no no with wolf since he is so slow, a common way to gain the advantage is with staggers.

I use 2-3P to cause a stagger or 6G+K
after the stagger you get a free mixup
-you can either attempt a throw if they shake and guard
-attempt to combo while the opponent is staggered
-poke to continue pressure/bait a catch

just a lil something to throw in
but remember the 6G+K is very unsafe if blocked :confused: but I use it