I'm the ghost of Christmas Kick Your Ass- The Deadpool Video Thread



A thread to post vids of your/others Deadpools kickin’ some ass! I’ll update this post when any new videos are posted.

Announcement Trailer:
YouTube - Deadpool MVC3 Trailer

Captain America / Iron Man / Deadpool vs Dante / Chris / Felicia
["]Deadpool Hulk Wolverine America vs Ryu Chris Dante Gameplay [HD]](Deadpool Hulk Wolverine America vs Ryu Chris Dante Gameplay [HD)

Deadpool / Hulk / Wolverine / America vs Ryu / Chris/ Dante Gameplay
[media=youtube]QObigvC5zAw&feature=player_detailpage]YouTube - Marvel vs Capcom 3 E3 2010 Deadpool Hulk Wolverine America vs Ryu Chris Dante Gameplay [HD[/media]

Sentinel, Chris and Crimson Viper vs Super-Skrull, Hsien-Ko and Deadpool

Skrull, Doom, Deadpool vs Chun Li, Chris, Dante

Taunts/Random things he’ll shout during game play: (pretty funny actually)

Thanks to Vegit814:
“This is my Taunt!”
[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdLW2WfSvek](This is My Taunt!)

Juang Shi Chimichangas taste wonderful under Gravity!

Thanks to Obey562:

Deadpool Combo
[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Gm3cQfqGgQ](Deadpool Combo)

Thanks to seriouz-bizniz:

Deadpool Infinite Combo!
[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35eHZrSX_Bg](Deadpool Infinite Combo)

Thanks to NeoRussel:

[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-znnPcjavWg](Deadpool BnB Combo 1)



Thanks to dinnerplate:

Post up any new videos below, I’ll update this post whenever I can.




Thanks, I’ll update once I get home




Thanks you guys, the OP has been edited with both of your vids, and credit to both of you.


lmao at the karate kid when you go into X -factor!

how can i dl vids onto my ipod?
cuz they on youtube n all…

Its ez for me jus to pull up n be like… oh yeah, I can do this one VID instead of this one OTHER VID

plus I can impress the ladies with em :slight_smile:


Nice combo dude! Can you post the notation?


My BnB at the moment. Fairly easy.



I had a laugh with this one:



I had a laugh with this one:



what does he say when he beats wolv? I dnt need option select? lmao

*edit lol

I dnt even need optic blast!


deadpool gets so low with his dash he goes under mags and storm, see below.



Nice. I posted one of those yesterday. Seems like everyone be takin’ mags into training mode.


Haha I noticed you posted it in another thread after I posted it here. Hulk can also dash over smaller characters. Kind of the same thing.


LOL, maybe a reference to the Wolverine origins movie when the “Deadpool-movie-version” has cyclops powers?? lmao


Nice combo


Whut? That’s too good.

Ohay, the a hop can cross up Joe. Maybe some other small characters, but I’m not sure.


Hey guys i made a stupid video about deadpools dancing that i hope will get a chuckle out of you lol Enjoy! [media=youtube]XFGiICTwJ3Y[/media]


Deadpool is secret top tier



@:35 he does this air dash and I can’t figure out how. Can someone explain how it’s done?