I'm thinking about replacing all my P360's for IL Eurosticks on all my arcade cabinets


All my Happ Perfect 360’s I got for my cabinets are not Wicos and are the outsourced ones made from China. I have a lot of problems with them and complaints from many players for years. I mean when the 360’s work they’re great but it’s not consistent.

I have American cabinets so I obviously want the best American style sticks made today. So after doing research they say the IL Euro joystick is the best. I never tried it.

So are the IL’s great?

On my ST cab right now, the opticals on my 360’s don’t work anymore. So as a temporary replacement I’m using my left over Happ Ultimate Joysticks. Hitting the corners are close to impossible. Doing clutch uppercuts on these Ultimates are impossible lol.


That’s not a bad idea. The iL Eurosticks are what a lot of American parts users tend to use. They’re pretty much the old Happ Competition joysticks, just under a different name. You really can’t go wrong with them.


Cool. One question. I really like the feel of the 360 and I heard that the IL’s are really loose. Can you put a competition Hard Spring in the IL’s? I know from experience if you put a hard spring in some joysticks it gets too tight to hit the corners. If I can’t hit clutch uppercuts like I have some problems with some joysticks that’s when I know something is wrong. I know I could always hit clutch uppercuts on a 360.


It would take someone very manly to call the iL spring loose. The stock spring for me was very tight. I cut mine in half and they’re still tighter than any Japanese stick.


You have to be this manly to think the IL spring is loose.


Lol. I never tried the IL Euro before I just read it’s the best on paper. Knowing that it already has a hard spring is great. Long ago I bought a competition when IL made it and it was soft and loose. I really like the 360s but I’m having big problems with them and I know in the long run they’re gonna give me more problems. The stupid thing is even though they went down in quality when Happ outsourced them to China, they are getting more and more expensive. $80 for a crappy 360 now.

Well because of the globalization of Sanwa, I think clickes are back in.


They will definitely be looser than the 360s, but like everyone has said, they aren’t light like Sanwas. If you like the US stick feel, it’s hard to go wrong with Comps. They’ve really been the go to US style stick since the Wico P360s dried up. Even then, many people preferred comps to 360s.


So are IL and Comp basically the same thing except that IL has colored dust washers? If they’re not the same which one is better.


iL’s Eurosticks are what used to be the Happ Competition sticks. Once Happ switched to China production, the joystick labelled Competition went down in quality. The iL Eurostick is the Competition of yore and it’s still for most the inarguable best American joystick on the market.


I can’t stop loving the Eurostick. But I doubt I have ever used a 360, I’m from Spain and probably every arcade part I have ever touched that is not japanese is IL.


Man, After playing on TE’s for so long, I switched all my iL’s over to JLW’s. They are far superior to JLF’s IMO.


Growing up I always loved the Wico Perfect 360’s but once I started getting cabinets they were out of business and I settled for the Happ ones not knowing their flaws. I had to learn the hard way lol. It’s only now that I’m considering changing them all. At first I was stubborn but now I’m seeing the bad things.

I own one Japanese Astro City (I want more) but the rest of my cabinets are American. I’m a purist I wanna keep American parts in American cabs and Japanese parts in Japanese cabs.

So what’s the difference between JLF’s and JLW’s?


JLW is the Sanwa interpretation of a Happ stick. If you’re going for authenticity stick to the iL. You might try a JLW for grins.


I just installed a pair of IL’s today on my Super Turbo cabinet and they work magnifiently. Awesome joystick. I feel stupid for buying 360’s. Well when I bought 360’s I didn’t know Wico stopped making them.

But IL’s are awesome. All the moves, hadokens or charge, come out smoothly. Dare I say it that it kinda feels like a Sanwa stick.


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