I'm thinking, I'm thinking, wait!.........stuned, pwned, K.O! (Mental game)

My mental game is a mess, During a battle i have a hard time trying figuring out what to do. (ssf4 main ibuki). I may decide to follow my instincts, but my instincts are all over the place. Other time’s I think play it smart(read the opponent) but i’m not thinking fast enough! Then there’s “play it smart but fast,” “ok i can do that…KO” I’m doing good about half way through, then my whole game falls a parts.

I doing my share of practice, about two to three hours worth daily before on line play, but maybe I’m doing to much practice not enough situational training online.

Situational training online is VERY important. Mainly because it teaches you to be patient and look for oppertunities to open up your opponent. In other words, how to play safe. Trying to punish every little thing will drive you crazy.

its important to take your time and observe your opponent. Watch their tendencies. Do they jump in a lot? Do they drop combos? Do they like to walk up throw?

Do your best to look for things that you know your character can exploit for damage. When you get those oppertunities, punish as HARD as you possibly can then see how they react. Do they try the same thing again? Do they get scared and try and mix it up?

More often than not, If you can scare your opponent away from their game plan with consistent harsh punishment, then you force them to try something uncomfortable and risky. This just gives you more opportunities to punish mistakes.

You can really separate the good from the not so good because the players worth their salt will be able to adapt to what youre doing alot better than those who are not so good.

As you begin to really read and observe your opponent, You will find things become a lot easier because you will know when you have opportunities to really maximize damage. Once you begin to take advantage of that, it takes a lot of pressure off of you.

I hope this helps. Ive been right where you were not long ago. Just be observant, and keep at it.

It sounds like you think too much. The best advice I can give you is pay attention on the distance between you and your opponent.

Watch and adapt.

Basically :confused:

Though it takes awhile to be able to do that correctly and efficiently

practise in arcade, that really helped me.

also this kind of quick thinking comes with exp, just like combos and FADC’ing and such… you will learn it like you learn the game, no ones born with it.

It depends how good your opponent is. Tutorial mode is knowing how to do every combo and every move. The first step is being able to bum rush and mix up to destroy beginners quickly, if you cant finish a beginner quickly then yourself are a beginner. The second step is being able to block or counter what you want when you want instead of just holding down back. The third step is something you find on your own. To be frank sometimes I don’t really play on high gear if the other person isn’t very good or sometimes if I just don’t like the game and consider it too limited and mentally exhausting.

Besides the obvious aspects of reading the opponent’s habits (eg. Do they always throw a fireball after a teched throw?) you should try to eliminate what not to do first. Eliminating options makes it easier to decide on what to do.

If your opponent is in a position where they can anti-air you easily, you can safely eliminate jumping forward as an option.
If they’re at a distance where it’s easy for them to react to and punish a projectile, then forget about throwing a fireball.
If you don’t have meter to FADC a reversal, then don’t do it (conversely, if the opponent has meter to FADC, then don’t go for wakeup meaties or unsafe blockstrings).
etc etc

Obviously it’s more complex than that because of the dynamics of certain matchups and player habits but that’s the gist of it.

ALOT of us are guilty of doing things out of habit or impulse, try to go into theater mode and try to point out the things you do after certain situations, this will help to eliminate “Auto Pilot” actions and help you to realize there may be a better safer option.

One example i would get caught in would be my opponents Focus attacking as an AA, they would get me alot because i would jump in with an attack…after a few times of getting punished for this, I started to jump less and even do empty jump in so I can throw them out of their FA. things like that that can lead to a mix up and potential round win.

thanks, I guess calming down would be the best place to start. I’ve been fighting the character, not the player all this time.

training mode is fine, but you need to be able to perform in the hot seat offline/online.

Training mode can only do so much…Real matches can improve your game over time. Remember to stay calm during matches and think but not too hard , you tense up and their goes your game. Spacing is important, make your opponent come too you. They jump-in you punish , they wiff you punish again til they are mush =). Hope that helps.

If you want some help with your game, I’m okay but not amazing. Add me on xbl, gt is Pong Boom.