I'm thinking of picking up MK9

First; my apologies for making this thread. I imagine there have to be plenty of threads like this but I didn’t see anything stickied for this kind of thing or even forbidding starting threads like this. Just an idea; a thread on introducing this MK to beginners.

To the meat of the matter: I’m thinking picking this up, it looks like fun, and I’m really in the mood to play a casual fighter that has good netcode and despite the nude create-a-character in SCV it doesn’t look like my cup of tea.

Scrub questions:

How would you describe the combo system? I’m familiar with auto combos from UMK3 and I know how to pull off stuff in 3S and KOF13.

Despite the fact that I grew up as a horror fan boy and download Freddy as soon as I pop the game into my PS3 I like to use Hybrid grab characters like Alex in 3S or Hwa Jai and Clark in KOF13. What characters play kinda’ like them? I know Kano has a grab X-ray move.

What characters are anti-zoning? Know what I mean? What characters just tear through guys running away and spamming fireballs? It looks like Reptile is good at that.

kabal,reptile and smoke are some good ones, im thinking of getting back into mk myself, iv been playing umk3 lately so i might learn mk9 again

Who are some good hybrid grapplers?

There are really no grapplers at all bro… We have parries with some characters but really the only characters that I can think of having command grabs n watnot are jax, sheeva and I think nightwolf has an aa command grab… Try out liu kang because hes a nive character to start with. Also, me bein an ermac main, def check him out. Any more questions just ask! We r here for u!

Smoke is anti-zoning he has a fire ball counter that will always hit even if their recover is over. He also has a projectile that launches so most trades are in his favor if he doesn’t get knocked down.

Jax is a fun grab character. he’s also considered to be one of the best in the game. He has a anti-air grab a high command grab that’s advantage on block and the best regular grab in the game (you can pick what side of the screen your opponent ends up on). He also has the best standing jab in the game great anti-air. and on top of that he has an unblockable ground pound that launches any where on the screen.

The Mk9 combo system is very deep and fun to mess with. Some strings can cancel into specials and everything juggles in the air. There is gravity and damage scaling. You use fragments of strings to keep pressure like 32,32,321 you have to hope that your opponents respects the possibility of the 1. Some strings are safe and can’t be interrupted, while others can. Some strings launch into the air.

Anti-zoner…I’d like to say that Scorpion fits the bill for that. Hellfire and teleport heavily discourage a full-screen oriented game, and he is a very high risk-high reward character. No command grabs, though. Check out gamerblake90’s tutorial for Scorpion for a good start. Can’t link quite yet, since I’m at work.

bad troll is terrible.

How is the online?

The online is good. I haven’t played it in months so I can’t really comment on how many still play, but my experience with Xbox Live has been solid. The only bad things are when players quit towards the end of games and it says “connection to other player has been lost” and when the matchmaking queu bugs out occasionally.

The game uses a dial-a-combo system where you need to hit the buttons quickly. Also of note, there is a lot of negative edge, so it tends to interfere with what you want to exactly do. As for the online, it is great on Xbox overall (no real lag or issues to note), but I can’t comment on the PSN side. It is a fun go to game when you want to jump in and play, and extremely fun with a friend if you just want to dick around. I don’t really see it as a “deep” game however, but that is yet to be seen.

it’s a very deep game with a growing community.

Cyrax is pretty much the best and only grappler. His unblockable command grab does 13% and grants a safe jump into a 50/50 between looping it again or going to a string into full combo.