I'm thinking on buying this game


I’m thinking on buying it, and I’d like to know, which character is like Bang Shishigami from Blazblue? The rushdown type and such. I know that Ibuki is like him because she throws kunai’s and has ninjitsu and such, but which SSF4 character is the pressuring type? I saw that thread made by Kelter_Skelter, the zone 1 character list the “mixup zone”. Is Ibuki the most equal to Bang Shishigami of BlazBlue?


well I don’t play Blazblue, but for Rushing down type characters in which you can constantly keep the pressure. I recommend (Ibuki, Cammy, Rufus, Fei Long, and Makoto).


I’m not an expert of BB by any means, but Bang reminds me of Cammy. Of course SF4 is a very different game, so if you’re expect something more analogous than “they’re both rushdown characters” you’re out of luck.

He isn’t really like Ibuki despite the whole ninja/kunai thing, Ibuki is more about mixups and combos than straight rushdown.


… so which character exactly?.. I’m looking for straight rushdown. Going by Zimbabwe_Zomb1e’s list that would leave Cammy, Rufus, Fei Long and Makoto. Would those character’s fit the straight rushdown playstyle?


Dan Hibiki is the most like Calamity Trigger Shishigami. Bottom tier for teh lulz.

But yeah, it’s a very different game. There’s tons of rushdown characters to choose from, but you may feel a bit “grounded” in comparison to Bang.

Ibuki’s probably the closest right out of the gate. A little bit of spacing options, solid rushdown, plus the ability to dash through/over your opponent for mixups.


Bison and Rufus are who you want imo


… I am beginning to get confused… so M.Bison or Rufus?


He’s giving you options

You’re best off just getting the game and trying out all the characters


Kelter Skelter with the logic.


Rufus only has pressure if you can consistently hit his one frame link, I’d go with Cammy.




I feel the character that closest resembles Bang’s playstyle is Ryu, but I suppose Ibuki or Guy work if you just want a ninja.


Everyone always forgets Mr.Claw over there :sad: He’s a ninja too. A clumsy as hell, never really completes a mission, sort of ninja…but still…

On topic though. Just get the game and try out the options people have given you.


Cammy, but then again I’m biased cuz I <3 her. However, Guy seems like he can apply pressure somewhat, and he has kunais on his alternate costume, which makes him oh so awesome!



There really aren’t any characters that are like him, BB and SF4 are WAY too different from each other to be comparing character playstyles. Now if you like rush down, try a few of the rush down characters to see who you like. Here’s a list:

Pure Rush: Rufus, Fei Long, Abel, Cammy, Makoto, C. Viper, Dudley, Guy
Mix of Zoning and Rushdown: Akuma, Ibuki, Deejay

El Fuerte is kind of rush down but it’s a really weird style, Cody can be played rush down as well. Hell, any character can be played as a rush down character those are just the best ones at it.




Guy is also good for rushdown and mix ups.


Guy rapes cammy for free…match-up is like 7-3 in guy’s favor


bah, blazblue.



And yeah, we’re only giving you options. none of us are telling you who to pick. but for Rush down, yeah, just go with mainly ppl like Rufus, Fei, or Cammy, Makoto. Those are the ones that I know of are rush down types, I don’t know who else however.