Im tired of paying for beta tests

Ok with ssf4 it was fine you know testing the waters and all but its starting to get really annoying. When you release a big name fighter like SF or MvC or whatever else is from capcom that you know millions of people will be playing you need to test that s**t in the arcade first like the old days or release it for free.

I paid 60$ for MvC3 now il have to pay 40$ again if I want to play the real game that should have been released as a free patch! Get your sheet together capcom, I know there are a lot of people that don’t care and will just throw away their money like nothing but hink about it for a second, first it was unreleased day 1 dlc content that should have been free (costumes,2maps,weapon skins etc.) for 5$-10$ (not only capcom but everyone does this nowdays) now we are at the stage of full games.

Just goes to show you that if people don’t stop falling for this P.R bullshit they will never stop spewing it out. Just look at CD-Project for example its not like they are an astronomic company but they show they care for their fans but releasing free stuff and always supporting their games.

Its a good thing 3sOe is coming out after that you wont get any of my cash until SF5 HA!

I’m posting this before everyone tells you to deal with it and to keep giving Capcom 20% of your paycheck no matter what they do.

This complaint has been going on forever.

I liked Street fighter 4. When Super Street fighter 4 was announced, I was happy that they were adding new characters and updating my favorite game. When AE was announced, I got the same feeling all over again. SF4 came out in 2008 and the series is still going strong because of updates.

If you were a fan of MVC3 you should be happy it’s getting updated instead of getting put on the shelf by capcom.

Also, is capcom forcing you to buy these updated versions of their games? No.

Sounds like a personal problem.

I don’t have a problem with buying things I like to play.

I’m tired of entitled pricks who feel everything should be free.

I don’t think everything should be free I think that these updates and specifically UMVC3 should be free. The content and the price for the game don’t match if u have half a brain u would know that when MVC3 came out Capcom were allredy planning a release for UMVC3 a couple of months later after we test their unfinished game that we paid 60$ for, sorry but no matter how rich you are don’t you think we deserve better?

Or… Don’t buy it? Stop bitching… Fucking people always want something for free wah wah wah its the same old sob story…

The games were full games, not Beta games… If umvc3 wasn’t announced until 2015 you fucks wouldn’t be crying beta still…

Yeah those guys that buy Madden and Fifa every year are stupid too. If you just buy one of them you don’t need anymore. All they give you is updated roster and shit. They should already know when Brett Favre is gonna switch teams. Why we gotta pay for that? They even try to pull the wool over your eyes and charge you extra for updated rosters for the middle of the season. I’m not paying money for updated shit in the middle of the season when the new game is coming out next year any way. ROFL you’re not smart EA. I heard they even tried to change the name of Madden cuz he retired. LOL you can’t change the name I know it’s the same bullshit EA.

Wait this isn’t the Madden thread? I was just coming in to tell people how stupid they are for buying that shit but wrong thread, sorry.

ITT someone unhappy with MvC3 and wants the sequel for free

man, let’s be real. mvc3 was an beta test. i was fine with sf4 to ssf4 because sf4 actually felt complete while ssf4 was just expanding on what made sf4 gd. but with mvc3? c’mon son the game felt incomplete soon as you hit that damn menu screen. that shit was lacking in just about everything. even some the mechanics felt like they were still being ironed out ( x factor for example ). i’m not saying umvc3 should be free, but niggas are crazy if they think mvc3 was not an beta for 60$.

SF4 had less than MvC3 o_O

Yes I don’t like MvC3, how could I like an unfinished product? But its not just about that its about Capcom degenerating to a money hungry western company which hurts the overall quality of their games because now its money first quality and support later they are just looking down on our intellect but that’s because most people like some of the posters here are willing to pay them so they can get milked. And what happens if I don’t buy the game? Can I go to a tournament for MvC3? Can I still enjoy a large competition? Its like saying buy starcraft but don’t buy broodwar…

I’m saying spend your money better and stop buying things you don’t like or enjoy just because all the cool kids are doing it. And if you can’t, stop complaining about a choice you made. I swear to God people just do shit so they can have something to complain about.

By the way, just because you bought something you didn’t end up liking doesn’t mean everyone else hates it too.

Call us crazy then. I thought I paid $60 for a full game I’ve been playing since February? Pretty sure most beta tests only last a couple of weeks.

Was Vanilla lacking spectator? Yes, and a huge disappointment. Does that make it a beta? LOL no. It makes it a disappointing game. You didn’t have to buy it.

Your run-on sentences make me look down on your intellect.

You should have just stayed out when Capcom/MoneyCatz started putting out 150 dollar arcade sticks. Should have known it was only gonna get crazier from there. LOL.

TEEE AAAAYYYCHHHH EEYYYYEEE ESSSSSSS The game wasn’t even fun either.

if you felt the game met your criteria then more power to you brother. i’m not knocking the people who felt they got thier 60$ worth. i’m just saying i can see how people felt mvc3 was incomplete. especially compared to the last offering from capcom ( ssf4 ) and tbh, had alot more to offer imo. don’t get me wrong, i though mvc3 was fun despite how dumb the game can get. but i can’t help but feel that mvc3 could had been more.

When you buy fighting games now you lock yourself into an ongoing experience. They know the best way to release a game is to have the community play it. Before they just did what they could and hoped you dealt with the tiers they gave you. Now everyone can help to make a game play better. It costs a bit more of an investment but how much do you really like fighting games if you bitch about what everyone else has been doing for years to have more complete games? Well…you probably like the old ones I guess. The ones that you don’t play with anyone but yourself or one other person.

Hand made from wood is the way to go not that cheap plastic crap. Also I think some of you don’t get my point MVC3 is a beta, me and you have paid 60$ for a beta test. That means we spent this money which we could have spent on food, finished games,clothes,prostitutes etc.Here are some better options:

  1. Delay the game 5 months.
  2. Release MVC3 in arcades where all the bugs will be found faster, which will lead to the faster release of UMVC3 and u still get your millions.
  3. Release it as a invite only beta test to people who bought ssf4.

The thing is the best beta test is a home release of the game any way where all of America and the rest of the world can test it. With a game as crazy as MVC3 would you rather have 12 people test it or all of the world? I’d rather have all of the world test it sorry. Plus the game was fun.

BTW I like your idea of throwing the game out in arcades when they can easily make the money on console any way. Capcom knows the arcade market is not the ideal way to profit off fighting games anymore. SSFIV AE literally came out for the fans…that shit wasn’t for any monetary gain.

Capcom didn’t delay the game 5 months because they took economics classes.

Will buy MVC3 2012.

There is a place for this kind of the thread it is at @scrubquotes bro you put it in the wrong spot.