Im tired of paying for beta tests

Then all games are beta by the logic of "working on it longer will improve it"
Arcade costs more than console release for players and developers and how the hell did you figure bugs would be found faster at arcades than console?

They did what they could? No man they did alot more than what they could, they created the Fighting game genre and started shitting out work of art games and stopped after 3s. And what about the gameplay being better? You call going backwards in terms of depth and complexity being better? Oh sorry nvm your just trolling didn’t see the comparison of MvC3 to madden for a sec I was begging to belive that you think mvc3 is a good fighting game.

  1. Yes its simple human logic that the longer you spend time on something the better result you will see in the end.
  2. Even if they cost more for the developers they get their money back tenfold. The players will play the game alot in arcades like they have played other games for the last 20 years its their Choice afterall.
  3. How many people will post info about the bugs on the net and will they even get so deep in the game as to find them? Doing location test’s is more effective and also some of the best fg players will be testing their games.

With your logic 3S isn’t deep or complex because when they released the PS2 console port it had arcade, versus, training mode and system direction and that was it.

Going backwards in terms of complexity means I have more fighting games to play because unfortunately Capcom was smart enough to figure that new age gamers won’t buy shit where you can’t mash out shoryus or mash on c.L’s into full bnbs to be competitive. If that’s gotta be in games so I can buy another SF or MVC then whatever. It’s the reason I can buy lag free 3S also. If I had to play mash out shoryu fighter iv: shitty blockstring unscary regular throws plus edition so I can get a new game that actually has some offense (MVC3) and lag free 3S…fine.

When SF3 NG came out and everyone in the game had infinites and then created another game where most of the cast still had infinites or 100 percents that’s called “doing what you could”. Especially when people weren’t even playing those games that much any way. They could have playtested 3S more to fix the fact that Chun Li and Yun have OP super meter systems compared to the other characters but…you did what you could.

Thanks for letting me know that Madden games aren’t good btw. Now I can tell all of those guys that buy Madden every year that it’s not good and show them your posts for proof. Then the sports gaming scene will collapse and just like the Matrix we’ll realize there’s a real world of beautiful artistic super deep complex games that we should really buy instead.

It’s the same $60 I would have spent on any other game. I’ve paid $60 for WORSE games honestly. You know what’s cool about that though? You can return them if you aren’t satisfied. Imagine that?

  1. Possible valid approach, but any game can be made better with an extra 5 months of development. Also, it didn’t happen, so unless you have a time machine get over it.
  2. Terrible idea. They wont get millions. MVC is mainly supported by the west and the market for arcade ports will lose them money more than likely. I’d also prefer to play it on my Xbox or PS3 personally.
  3. Almost getting somewhere with this one. I’ll let you keep this single point in your favor.
  1. Then you’re saying all games are betas. Thanks for clarifying no game is ever finished.
  2. Is that why arcades are dead or on their way to dying?
  3. Tons. There’s bug/glitch threads and even videos showcasing and explaining how to execute said bugs. People are able to test more and go out their way to explore when they aren’t feeding in quarters.
    Location test are not more effective than a global release. Less players. What’s stopping the best players from buying console versions?

No one should ever buy any games ever unless they know another bigger, better, faster one isn’t going to come up behind it.

Hey guys…does anybody know where a good arcade is? I don’t wanna drive for hours or take a plane k thx. I’m looking for an arcade within an hour of me with a lot of the different fighting games but having trouble.

I say this everytime a new cell phone comes out to my friend. “You know they just gonna come out with the better one soon u dumbass, way to spend money”.

No 3s wasn’t good on ps2 couse of the changes between the 2 versions, also I have training mode on the pc and an arcade with the game. I bought 3s on the ps2 so I could support Capcom.

Capcom didn’t figure anything out they just decided to take the easy route, think about it there wasn’t a real sequal to sf everyone was waiting for it, they were going to buy it. Right there they have a couple of millions.As for the casual gamers its all about advertising and how you do it, sf4 wasn’t popular because it was easy it was popular thanks to advertising. A casual gamer won’t even understand what is going on in the game, when he starts out he will just mash. Its the same with 3s,sf2,tekken. He will either like the game (which he will because of the graphics) and start to dig deeper to improve himself or just throw away the game and pop madden or cod and continue his casual gameplay.

And I never said madden was a bad game its just that comparing a fighting game to a sports game isn’t good for the fighting game.

The difference is in the old games the dude would mash and not get any where. In the new games you get something when you mash hence actually caring about getting a bit better instead of just losing for free and going back to FPS land. As crazy as Ono is he was smart enough to realize it’s easier to keep people’s interest in fighting games if you give them something for nothing and then have them gravitate from there when they see there’s more to the game. Some people will see it some people won’t.

Why do you think every other casual monster on stream still bashes on Tekken and will buy a new version of SFIV or MVC3 first? Cuz to them it’s just “juggling all day and twitching around with hard controls”.

Those fools. Don’t they know buying stuff they like is just playing right into their hand? They will just make more stuff that you like so you can buy that too.

Fucking economics.

Thats just a stupid excuse.Casual gamer’s bash tekken because they haven’t played it. In that game you get a lot of something for a lot of nothing and the combos are piss easy.I don’t want to insult some players but you have to be a really dumb potato if you can’t mash out a srk on any sf fighting game day1. My little brother did that on his 2nd game I just told him the motion.

Your little brother is the Rain Man to them.

Arcades are hardly a viable source for solid beta testing, if it were, famous arcades and those that have been open for decades wouldn’t be closing down all over the place - there are only two main ones in London that I know of. And how would that make Capcom millions?

Do you forget how many versions of SFII there were back in the day? It became a running joke for computer game magazines, not because they thought everyone was getting ripped off, but because they all thought at this rate, there would never be a Street Fighter III. I don’t recall back then, a single person who bitched about the different versions - you guys really need to learn to be happy with what you have sometimes.

What about online games? You don’t stop paying for them until you quit playing. People have been playing WoW since the very start and is now the most expensive video game they ever bought (and probably will), you don’t see them bitching about it every day in droves. Then there’s expansion packs, should those have all been free too?

Bottom line is you didn’t enjoy it and you’re outnumbered by those who did and actually enjoy it. Too bad.

Yeah you got these random guys making threads complaining about the repeating of history.

Maybe they should stop complaining and play games they actually like then…

My sister still has trouble doing an SRK.
I was unaware that my sister was an unintelligent tuber. Thanks for clarification.

Read through the other posts i’m not saying I won’t enjoy UMvC3 I think it will be good when they fix the issues of MvC3. I just don’t want to pay a 100$ for something that should have been 60$ from the start. Also I said they can release invite only keys to people that bought sf4 that way a lot of people will test the game. Or better yet test the game in arcades, at the same time give out invite only keys and when the game is released chunk out some micro transactions like costumes,themes etc. and you have your millions that way everyone is happy. Its not that hard its just that they want to get the money with minimal effort.

Um…they gave out invite keys to everybody. How about that? Next time don’t buy the first version of a game and save your money. Should have figured that out with Vanilla SFIV. You really should have figured that out 15 years ago actually.

Read paragraph 2 of the post you’re quoting followed by paragraph 3, then take a minute to digest that.

Also, “Better yet, in the arcades”. Did you not read anything and just gloss it all over until you saw the word “enjoy” then hit a knee-jerk reaction on the reply button?

15 years ago I would pop a quarter in and if I didn’t like the game I didn’t play it.