I'm tired of this shit!

ok this thread is for the use of expressing my opinion so you do not have to repliy if u don’t want to.

Let me start with I’m just tired of reading up on everyone talking about mvc2 like its carbage or something.
First of all to everyone that like mvc2 and hate the game. this is a team base game so which mean certain assist characters will me mashed on. if you have a problem with that go and play 3s or tekken 5 please.

Second. Every game has its top teir from tekken to street fighter. Tekken 4 and 5 is by far the worst games ever. I mean one lunch and you lose have your life and depending on if your on the wall or not 50% to 70% damaged after one hit, man whatever. Tekken tag was good but thats the past, So to all and I do mean all you people that say tekken 5 is greater than MVC2 just put the crack pipe down. Now that mainly go’s out to people hating on mvc2 and actually try to explain why mvc2 is garbage and tekken 5 is great. I love tekken, been playing it since tekken 2 but when 4 came out man I just lost all respect for tekken. Huuuuuuuu Tekken Tag R.I.P

And last about 3s ,cvs2,ggxx. Now if u want a game a requires skills then I agree play 3s. But don’t expect to have fun playing it. 3s=skill…but not fun.
GGXX…this game and mvc2 or about the same both or very fun to play. both do take skills to play. In neither game can someone come on and just press anything and win unlike tekken 4 and 5.
Even though both games has it bullshit about it both game are very fun to play…and isn’t thats whats its all about.

so lets recap:
You want to play a game the requires skills and no fun play 3s or CVS2.

You want to play a game that requires little or no skills but where by anyone can win if you just hit that person in the air. play TEKKEN 4 or 5.

If u want to play a game that requires skill but not the type of skills that 3s required. a game that at time is random but never the less is still fun. A game where someone who just started playing the game after 1 week will never win against someone who been playing for years(i.e Tekken 4 and 5) well play MVC2 or GGxx both or equal IMO.

This guy is saying what we’re all thinking.

co-sign im tired of these stupid threads is marvel this and that,it want on to long,i wish the people that spent more time typing then playin the game would just do somethin constructive

The crack is strong within these ones…

actually I think 3s is pretty stupid becuase parrying is so easy

GG and Marvel are the only games that are fun and technical at the same time

(crowd chanting)


what game do u like anyway,let me guess, 3s,cvs2,or tekken, or maybe worst :confused:

maybe all you good at is smapping the threads :clap:

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YEAH YEAH ANOTHER 3S player…LETS GIVE IT UP FOR HIM HE PLAYS 3S) let me guess u play ken/chun/yun…if u don’t play this characters u must suck…o yeah thats right noone ever heard of u so it must be true…LET GIVE IT UP FOR HIM EVERYONE…ITS NOBODY…YEAH…NOBODY…YEAH…

this fool looks like his under a fake name anyway,he just like you said smapping the treads feeling sorry for himself just ignore people and have them talking to themseleves,its nothing more funnier then a dude talking ignorance to himself

like when they make those stupid threads “is marvel” JUST DONT REPLY, after while they would just have to face the music that there on there own :tup:

How anyone could smap a thread…or how anyone could force a typo like that is beyond me.

Okay, first off, Third Strike and Capcom Vs. SNK 2 are two of the best and most fun fighting games ever. Guilty Gear…um…is okay at best…MvC2 is extremely fun as well.

What you said isn’t the problem. The problem with most “advanced” fighting gamers is that they become so obsessed with the games that they lose the reason they started to play the games to begin with. Fun. Might I suggest to take a moment and enjoy the games, opposed to just trying to be the best in the entire world. When you’re given a great game, don’t complain. Just think, “Those games could have ended up like Shaq-Fu.” Enjoy them. You can know all the skills you want in the games, but if you don’t have fun it’s pointless. It’s good to know the advanced techniques, but do have fun to. It’s a waste of your money if you don’t.

Super Turbo - Kof98 > everything else.

Somebody set up us the bomb. :tup:


Holy fuck. :lol:

anyway im done wasteing my energy typin on you :clap: Infested Jester the nobody :clap:

i agree when you’re given a great game, don’t complain.i mean if someone gonna bitch about it then they must been getting PERFECT weekly or somethin,JUST HAVE FUN PEOPLE

Lol most of the time ppl who hate on mvc2 are ppl who have been owned hard and don’t improve and I can’t agree on what u said about 3s not beeing fun…it’s pretty fun not as fun as mvc2 but still fun

MvC2 sucks because no matter how hard you try, you’ll never beat Justin Wong. Sorry, this is a fact of life. Close thread.

I’ll hand it to MvC2 players though, the game is mad fun to watch… at times.

Call the President on that one. :tup:

Justin is good, but he is flesh and has been taken down.

Though yeah, MvC2 has begun to get repetative, same matchups all the time, blah.

But this thread is the worst of it. Bitching about people bitching. Man, the internet is lame.

jwong is a great player and yes I’ve had beaten justin before just not in tourny. and as i do recall is just lost 2 major tourny this year. And in anycase its just another reason to keep playing to perhaps one day be on that level if not pass that.

Hmmm aren’t most japanese people of the opinion this game sucks ass? Do you really think they are losing to the americans cause they are not as good or because they just don’t give a shit? I think it to be the latter.

I can probably most of you guys at this game. Rush in to get mad air combo in, if fail back out and either spam helpers then rush that shit down again rinse and repeat. When everyone has the same attack patter with everyone, then I think we have a problem.

Before someone gets smart and says all fighting games can be broken down to hurt the other guy till you win, you are a complete moron. I don’t care if you guys think this is the greatest fighting game ever. I love SS4 but a lot of people think it’s shit. Hell if I care, I know the strenghts and flaws of the game, as a true fan I can do that.

All the top players have strong fundamentals built on the old street fighters, something a majority of you lack, welcome to the new generation, the generation of suck.

This game is dead anyways.

True, but Sanford “retired”… even though we know no one quits playing MvC2. :slight_smile:

Honestly, I think Marvel is starting to die. Game isn’t evolving anymore, most top tier whored game (besides T4, perhaps) in existence, and people seem to be getting bored with it. If Seattle doesn’t come to Evo this year that’s the one more nail in the coffin. :\