Im too afraid to solder wires for a stick, so im just gutting a cheap one

Hi, I’m having a huge amount of trouble plainly FINDING good ps2 sticks online (since all the good ones are sold out… stupid hrap2 SA), and the prospect of soldering for a custom stick (and killing my ps2 controller) right now is somewhat daunting so I decided that I was going to get one of the cheaper sticks out there and replacing everything except for the inner wires. I’ll be putting in buttons and sticks of my liking, and I’ll even make a box myself.
My question is, are there any sticks out there that have “guts” worth taking out so I can replace them with parts that are to my liking?** If you have a “cheap but moddable” stick to tell me about please I’ll take a look at it

I took a look at this and Im interested

I dont want to know anything about the quality of the mounting, buttons, or stick, because I will be replacing EVERYTHING but the basic wires. I just want to know if this stick “is as good as a ps2 controller” and if I can switch out everything in here with better arcade parts (aka, if i can order up the parts from massystems to save a buttload of $$$)

if anybody can help then thanks

That stick you linked isn’t at all moddable, save for hacking the PCB, which regardless would require you to solder. Most PCBs don’t have wires running to arcade style buttons. The buttons are either soldered to the PCB or are the rubber pad variety. Both types need a soldering iron to mod.

On the plus side, soldering really isn’t as difficult as you make it out to be, especially if you use a pad that is easy to hack (IE, not a PS2 pad, use a PSone pad).

If you are more worried about soldering than anything else, look in the Trading Outlet. James123 sells quite a few pre-soldered PCB’s. You’ll just have to be patient and wait for some openings.

And ugh…do yourself an even bigger favor and don’t buy one of those sticks. If anything, scope out Ebay, and get a Tekken 5 Hori stick. Great casing, but you would have to desolder the wires off the PCB. Not really anything hard about that. :smile:

I had solder-phobia until a week ago when I went to Radioshack and bought some basic soldering stuff. If you use a 15-watt solder and go slow, soldering is a piece of cake. Who cares if the soldering joints look ugly, if they hold a good electrical current, you’re fine.

soldering isn’t that hard, I hacked a pad without any real prior experience. Just read the guides on srk and know the soldering points and it’ll be easy as pie.

thanks for the help guys, i’ll see what i can do, or if i could even get the T5 stick in my area (i live in NYC so i’ll see if there are any sticks left in chinatown)

though if i could get the T5 stick or an HRAP2 without resorting to the internets for purchase then i wouldn’t be here asking about modding crappy sticks =/

I’ve gotta agree with the others that soldering is easy. You could learn to do it entirely from a tutorial… It’s pretty hard to mess up as long as you have a good diagram and follow directions.

If you are open to Happ parts look for a Pelican Real Arcade on Ebay. They don’t go for much and the Happ parts will fit perfectly into the pre-drillied holes.

And this is by far the best soldering tutorial I have seen on Youtube:


Soldering is a good skill to have. And you can learn in like…2 seconds. Plus, it looks good on a crappy resume.

Yeah soldering isn’t nearly as bad as it first seems. I just recently soldered my first PCB and that was out of a wireless 360 controller. 30 wires in total, with a lil bit of patience and a lot of swearing I eventually got it done.

Plz dont get that stick…its HORRIBLE