I'm torn on the issues of restrictor plate and American vs. Japanese modding parts

Need advice on Round vs. Octagonal vs. Square (Have a square one now on the SE stick, not a huge fan)

Also, as far as your preference goes, Bat-top or Ball-top? And I grew up with American machines and buttons that were all bat-top and offered inwardly-curved buttons on the top as well as offering a lot more resistance than the default stick and buttons on my MadKatz controller.

Would making a custom case and then buying Happ parts be worth it to recreate this, or is Sanwa enough of a step up from MadKatz default crap? I would have to Frankenstein the PCB out of the one I have now for a custom caseā€¦ sounds like an adventure. >.>

I found the transition from happ american arcades to japanese sticks hard as well. I got a bat top (which i still use) octogate (stopped using because it messed up my blocking at times) then i got a stiffer stick. First an LS-56-01 but ended up loving the LS-40-01. The LS-56-01 is not a very forgiving stick at all. So if you want stiffer buttons and stick you should switch to seimitsu parts. They feel more american in the resistance department but are more responsive, not that american buttons are bad. If you want the American Happ experience try finding a 15th anniversary SF nubytech stick. Then you can either transfer your existing PCB or if you get the right Nubytech stick you can just buy a converter.

I found that a Sanwa JLW with a bat top, and round restrictor its about the closes you get for a Japanese parts feeling like Happs.

Slamming Seimitsu PS-14 buttons for more than an hour hurts my fingers.

I have no idea how you guys managed with Cherry-switched buttons.