I'm trying to learn chun, 1st time ever, how do I actually go about it? Don't know how 2 begin


Like subject says well she’s my first sf 5 char I’m learning cos I only ever use Ryu and to put it bluntly… aside from doing her trials I don’t really know how one goes about learning a new char. It may sound stupid but I would appreciate tips about stuff I should do in training mode and more importantly things like what should I use for the dummy and the recordings, etc. Er, I guess this applies to any char really.


First thing about Chun-Li is that she is a versitile character. She can rush or zone, either depending on your play style or the match-up. Second, she’s more of a technical character than Ryu. She has charge motions for her fireball and SBK, and her IALL is a more complicated motion. Not to mention that most of her higher damaging BnB’s have weird charge mechanics. Third, she is one of the faster characters in the game, so use her fast walk speed and her decent dash-ups to cover and control the space. Fourth, she has very good normals. Her cr. mk, st. hp, f/b mp are some of her strongest pokes. Use them to dominate the midrange game.
Lastly, just keep practicing and learning. THe best way to learn Chun-L (or any character) is to get into training mode, practice her combos, watch youtube videos and tech, go win and lose some matches and learn from them. Baby steps, that is what is needed to learn Chun-Li. She’s not as damage heavy and her executions can be a little demanding. It hurts that her damage output for even her most technical combos is low. But she’s the only character I play, and I always ALWAYS have a fun time playing her.


I’m interested in this too.
How would you go on about a learning curve of sorts in training mode?
What would you practice first?
How would you practice footsies?
How to practice her approach?
I’ve tried to play some Chun in the past and A. I’m dreadful B. I don’t know how to start her offense outside of jump ins.
Usually when I play against a Chun (and god knows that hasn’t happened in ages) I see them constantly pressuring me, I think spacing is the key but fuck me if I understand how they somehow get close enough to me to press crouching lights.