I'm using Ryu (SF4), How do I go about fighting Abel?

All he does is grab how do I counter this (plus the fact that he Rolls around EVERYTHING!)

You can still grab him during his rolls.

OOOhhh Nice… thanks… basicly i have to play his game and get with the grabs i guess.

This might be helpful:

Thanks I am gonna favorite this now…

This is DEFIANTLY the kind of Info I have been looking for …

If you think Abel is about to throw you you wanna jump straight up. The throw will wiff and you can come down with a j.mk and combo him. Abel’s main strength is his guessing game so it’s just a matter of predicting when he’s gonna jump and when he’s gonna hit.

In my experience, Abel’s f.mk xx dash is a guessing game for Ryu. Crouch tech blocks attacks and techs throws, but loses to TT. Jump evades throw/TT, but loses to s.hp. Reversal beats attacks/throws, but loses to blocking. Backdash evades everything but a well-timed TT because Ryu is vulnerable to throws on the last frame of his backdash. Basically, you just need to read your opponent and choose the best defensive option against what you think he will follow up with.

Um… There’s a matchup section in the sf4 forums and the wiki?
Checking… (Because nobody touches the wiki. Seriously… All this info and 3s/st, more than ten year old games, are not complete wiki-wise).

EDIT: Ok, looks like srk thinks that 4 is teh besht game evar.
Wiki for ryu is very good.
Abel matchup section/. Explains what to do at each zone/range.
If you don’t wanna get thrown, don’t get close… Old rule there. Keep him zoned with good fireball pressure… This means not spamming them, but thinking about using them. If that guy jumps at a far range, and he’s coming down, you could probably ex fireball his ass and maybe get it close if you are balsy. On zoning… Obviously a grappler’s worst zone ( keeping the op in your best range and out of theirs, basically) is the furthest one, sop keeping him back a/0 cornered is crucial. Also, learn reversals. More than likely he’s comboing/ knocking down. into throws et, so you wanna get him good before that throw comes out- they can grab about anything. Gief used to be able to grab people outta srk, among other things.
Judging from your avi, I think you use Akuma. It would be best to learn his offense well, he is much different than ryu. Divekick combos anyone?

I switched to ken for the Duration of Play but things shouldnt be TOO different right except for the Super and Ultra Strategies right? (and probably a few other small things)

Ken takes less damage/stun than Akuma. His fireball is a little worse and he can’t zone with it from the air(<-OBVIOUSNESS :D). His offense isn’t as heavy as akuma’s but he has a lot more hp. Basically a more offensive ryu with a slower fb.
…And his matchup section is crap… Advanced play vids, you could copy a few things, but it’s really not that great for beginners.
actually the first vid is a good zoner example… maybe it’s not so bad idk.

with abel, its all about the wakeup game.

when u have him knocked down jump straight up and kick on yer way down, most times they try to wakeup tornado throw. dont forget to try and use cross ups a lot as well. learn a few simple option selects(this isnt very necessary actually, but if you feel like it go for it)

the easiest way to put him on the ground is to throw him when he rolls at you.

always pay attention to his ultra meter. never throw a fireball at him when he has it. you can potentially throw one if you cancel it and back dash immediately. this way he wastes his ultra and u can punish. i havent tried this in training mode, so you might want to see if it works.

EX hurricane kick :slight_smile:

Forgot about that one, thanks.

Oh I was using Ryu first … i just got this copy of SF4 for my PC But I may pick akuma up when SSF4 comes out because I dont feel like earning him again… (Long story i had it for 360 and it was never returned.)

cr. mp is godlike against Abel, it beats out almost if not all of his pokes.

Oh man the knowledge in the thread is lacking.

Okay, I’ll give you both sides of the match so you can see whats up. I’m an Abel player btw.

For starters, I think this match is strictly even, at worst 5.5 / 4.5 in Ryu’s favor, simply because of the better ranging/poking game.

Okay so starting with Ryu you want to realize that Abel has poor wakeup options. If you manage to keep Abel in a small space(corner, for example), he has only 2 options really, which are roll and block(haha). Both of which lose to throw. Regardless of this situation, the opponent Ryu still has to worry about regular TT, which beats throws.

As far as the poking / fireball game, if you can walk in and out of his toward + mk range and pressure him with low forward / fireballs / kara throws, it can be tricky. While the Abel is looking for this, you basically get to test the players reactions by going for that nice crossup that we all love.

So whats Abel to do in this situation?
Turtle back.
His st short and toward + MK counter poke Ryu’s cr forward kick. He can also maintain pressure with his fast dash and wheel kick. Once Abel gets in, its like a clusterfuck of options.
Jump beats TT, but DOES NOT beat his normal throw, Abel can still recover and still hit you on your way down.

So why not use normal throw all day if he has soo many more options off a normal throw?
To beat blocks and techs, sets up a decent range for pressure, and higher damage.

What are these options that Abel has after a whiffed and jumped normal throw?
-Neutral jump:
Falling sky, cr fierce xx Ultra, cr forward kick.
-Forward jump:
backwards EX falling sky
-Back jump:
EX CoD xx ultra, jump toward MK.

What’s Ryu to do??
Don’t jump and don’t allow Abel movement. Keep Abel guessing, and don’t get baited, watch the random DPs, maintain pressure, or keep Abel from starting his.

The match basically comes down to who can keep the other guessing and making the correct punishes, knowing your movements and ranges.

Isn’t that like every match?
Yes, SF4 is a very linear game. haha