I'm using the Hori EX2 Pad

It actually works quite well. I’m playing Super SF4 and it’s got the right D-Pad and button placement; I use ABXY and the shoulder buffers and triggers, as opposed to the RB and LB on the face. Since I was playing vanilla on PS3, I’m used to that placement. Unless you’ve long adapted to the Fightpad scheme, you’re best off using this because it’s the best controller you’ll use. If you can’t use it, then I guess buy a stick.

Speaking of sticks, though, I’m thinking of getting one anyway. I want to get it with MvC3, but before that, it’s impractical. I have MvC2 on PS3, but I barely give the system the attention I give my 360. So that would be an arbitrary waste of money to get the game again and then a stick on top of that. Plus, the only other fighter I would have is BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.

It does look tempting, though…