IM VID preview!

Wow, didn’t know people still posted here. Anyways, awhile back I was planning on making a IM vid, but unfortunately I never had the right tools/time. But I DID manage to get some of my combos/tricks on a “preview” vid.

The vid features some advanced combos with IM based teams. Combos include IM/assist setups, Doom/IM unblockable combo, Sent/IM big damage combo, and I was messing around so i threw in a cable/mag combo.

Enjoy and i advise criticism/comments/questions. KEEP IM ALIVE, he CAN and WILL make it the top tiers.

Note: some of these combos are posted on threads i made awhile back, so u can check there for explanations

I DON’T know anything about posting vids, so the link might not show up (i chose “attach file” to post it, so i dunno if that works). If it doesn’t work, check it out and IM me on my AIM. I could send it and someone can post the vid on after you get it from me.

You Need A Host Man
Then You Post A Direct Link
You Cannot Put A Video As An Atach
Try To Get Someone To Hist It For Ya
You Can Ask Mr Jaime
Or Commy From Boston :slight_smile:

Anyone willing to host the vid??? PM me or IM me on AIM

I will host your vid for you. hit me up on AIM: feartetsuo

the LINK is here!

Link is No good!!!

use download accelerator

another NEW link

Sick shit as always

thanx, we still gotta get together sometime…havent been playin that much. i’ll hit u up with a schedule and try to make it to FnG somehow

Ditto. Especially Sent/IM.

MoM postin’-New Screen Name

What I what to know is with IM/Psy, how do you know when to call her out when you still performin’ a air combo with IM?

hit the assist u want while still flying
make sure u didn’t use the assist to get the character in the aircombo too.

Brook hit it right. That combo lets you connect the ground inf anywhere on the screen. (without unfly mode). It also requires a little timing, and it all depends where you are in the air.

If you’re really close to the ground, hit up+fp (instead of down+fp), then call psy a little bit later. Up+fp gives opponents longggg hit stun so its easier.

When you’re “launch” height ( hit d+fp+psy AAA…dont need too much timing, the laser brings them down quickly.

When you’re up TOP, close to the edge of the screen…hit d.fp then wait a sec. then hit psy AAA…requires a little bit more timing.

All in all, a pretty easy and damn useful combo

Superior- Can you help me out with IM? I can do his unflu infinite, but i was wondering if you knew how to connect a few rep’s of his unfly infinite to his regular lp,mp,mk,up+hp infinite?

ComboMaster, I made a thread awhile back about a “unfly inf to normal ground inf,” check back a page or 2.

The setup was supposed to be on the “finished” vid, so if i get more responses, i’ll complete it.

The links are down, but just in case u missed it…I hosted it at DC.

username: SuperiorTech
filename: IRONMAN_EastCoastFinestPREVIEW

plz share/comment, ENJOY

I Wanna See The Video, But I Dont Know Where To Find It :sad:

Ever head of Direct Connect??? If not, check out the 1st page on Fighting game Discussion Forum. “SF Go for Broke Hub”…i believe that’s the title of the thread. Check their for more info.

Video was ok,and unfly inf to ground inf is pretty easy once u get use to it, i did that shit at evo so many times =]. But its good to see ppl still use IM, as for me, im holding my own in cali with the little iron guy. Still the rillest!