IM VID preview!

Thx for comment. I never knew what was so good about his “unfly infinte.” (other than getting characters to the corner). Why bring em up when u can bring them down??? Nice to see IM being used in Evo, got any vids??? Talk about hard/easy matchups???

Also, i’d like to comment on how this IM forum is dying/getting nowhere. So many people worrying about the “simple stuff” with IM. This forum needs to get more advanced. Comboing anything to a ground infinite should be 2nd nature for IM. Most combo potential in the game…and people still talk about “unfly inf” and solo setups. If you truly understand this game’s combo engine, people wouldn’t even have to ask for IM combos.

no prob dog, and no vids as of yet; but soon Dip$et shall release some casual match vids. And actually IMO the unfly infinite is very important to learn, if u wana be good with em. First off to have a good IM u need 3 very important set ups. the jap set up, the OTG set up in the corner, and i guess the unfly set up. Unfly is best on sentinel, since his bitch ass is always in the air; and also for me the unfly to ground inf is easiest on sentinel=]. Those 3 things help out IM alot, ive won a shit load of matches with those 3 things alone. OH and i almost forgot the guard break. U need to learn that asap, and i mean the SUPPOSABLY unescapable guard break. That GB is aiite, but i have others i use most of the time. I’ll post more things later, my VEGGIES R CALLING ME!!

~The Rillest~