I'm voting for KOF2K2

…just to show all of the SNK world it still doesn’t deserve to be at Evo. I bet all these SNK fans will come out of the woodwork to vote on this game and not show up to play. Then at Evolution, it’ll be one of the main attraction games with about 7 people playing and 4 of them from Japan.

Or you can prove me wrong! :tup:

No, Mortal Kombat that shit down! :clap:

A3, VS and 2K2 plzplzplzplz. I’ll pick A3 over all of them, tho’

Garou? Yes/no?

Though I like A3 and 2k2 too.

Hopefully this is not true. I know that when they make it official more players will join, maybe like DAIGO. I heard he plays KOF and his pretty good at it. It will be fun to see the Japs playing and playing against them. Im voting for it and Im going.

Does anyone know why they are going to use KoF 2002 and not KoF 2003?

Because 2k3 is kinda stupid. And it has some pretty retarded broken characters (fucking duolon).

edit: oh and i’m voting for 2k2 as well because i think it could actually be fun.

ignorant fools, doulon is broken please… your retardedness is to outstanding :rolleyes:

im voting for kof 2k2

Voting KOF2K2 as well.

I actually like 2k more, but some people might cheap it out with the strikers.

my dream came true thanks Evo for giving the Snk community some support now please Vote Kof2k2 please!!!

KoF2002 > KoF 2003

hell yes!!! finally a kof game at evo for sure im voting for kof2002

What about those countries that aren’t US or Japan that I keep hearing have thriving KoF scenes? Like Latin America and mainland Asia.

They’re invited too =)

KOFNEOWAVE IS THE BEST !!! all french player want kofneowave and this game is in the tougeki 2005 !!! please KOFNEOWAVE ! and if you want i come with 3 kofneowave support tomiswave !

I will be voting for VF.


i’m voting for kof2k2 no doubt about it

Well there should be about 20 of us going from SoCal to guarantee the rest of the top spots aside from the Japs, and we are working on bringing some guys from MEXICO to beast of the JAPS.


i cant believe i still havent gotten my kof dvd
/me waits.